What is fanficVERSE?
As may by now be obvious, fanficVERSE, like Fanfic Land and fanficWorld before it, is not a real fanfiction archive. You can't sign up to it, you can't post to it - you can't even leave reviews on it!

Instead, this site serves as an archive for the PPC Badfic Game. This annual-ish event sees the writers of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum shared universe set aside our traditional respect for canon, and utterly mangle our own characters, each other's, and the very concept of the PPC. For fun!

The PPC Shipfest, also archived here, is much of the same thing - only instead of writing bad fanfic about our own characters, we write bad shipfic about ourselves.

Every single story collected here is a parody of the kind of bad fanfiction the PPC has devoted itself to setting right. This is what we deal with, people - this is what it does to our brains...

~Huinesoron, archivist