Author: Huinesoron
Huinesoron's Very Odd Day
Huinesoron woke up with a face full of black hair. That's odd, he thought, I don't have black hair. Then he remembered.

Sitting up on the bed, he looked down at the sleeping form of Kaitlyn. She was curled up beside him, her jet black hair spread across the pillow in a manner reminiscient of a rather mutated sheep. Reaching down with one hand, he gently touched her face, watching as she muttered something inaudable and turned over. He smiled at the memory of the night before. Then there came a knock at the door, and he remembered what he had planned for today.

Jumping off the bed, he landed lightly on the floor. He grabbed whatever clothes he could find -- including what he later discovered was Kaitlyn's underwear -- and dashed to the door. After all, he mused as he threw a silvery-gold cloak over it all, it's not like it matters what I look like. I don't plan to be wearing it for very long. With that, he opened the door.

"Hello Bjam," he said to the beautiful mahogany-haired girl before him. "Shall we go?"

"Why bother going?" she replied in the British accent that had first brought them together. "Let's do it right here." With that, she ripped her clothes off, revealing large amounts of perfect skin. Just as Huinesoron finished removing his own clothing -- slightly slower, as he was still half asleep, a voice came from behind him.

"Can I join in?" asked Kaitlyn from where she sat, also naked, on the edge of the bed. Huinesoron contemplated her perfect tan for a moment before saying, 'Of course you can!"

"In that case," said Bjam from the other side, "We have to let BiD and WfR join in as well!" With her words, a door on the other side of the corridor slid open, revealing two more naked young women. Huinesoron glanced at them for a moment, taking in their perfect appearences, then nodded, and all five threw themselves at each other.

It was some time later that they stopped whatever they were doing. You can imagine what they were doing yourself, as the author really doesn't want to write it. Anyway, everyone got up and started to walk away. Huinesoron was the last to do so, and he was just reaching over to his clothes when a soft voice from behind him said, "No."

He turned to see BiD, who had not left with the others. As he looked over her perfect body, she said, "We elves should stick together in all things. Surely you know that we are much better at everything."

"Of course I do," replied Huinesoron, "which is why I was hoping you would stay." With that, he threw himself at her, slamming her against the wall and doing all sorts of things that the author is unwilling to write.

She was totally exhausted when he left her, but he was still as full of energy as he had been on waking. Leaving most of his clothes lying in the corridor, he pulled on his silvery-gold cloak and strode off down the corridor. He had no particular destination in mind -- the meeting with Bjam had been his only plan for the day -- but he was the sort of person who strode everywhere.

He rounded a corner, and almost ran straight into Techno-Dann. The silvery-gold cloak, not very securely fastened to begin with, fell to the floor, revealing his perfectly formed body.

Techno-Dann stared at the naked elf in absolute amazement. "Wow," he said, "you're hot. Let's have sex."

Huinesoron, being the sort of person he was, was about to agree, when another voice came from one side. "No!" cried Jon, stepping into view. "Huinesoron, you cannot have sex with him. You must do it with me instead!"

"I saw him first!" yelled Techno-Dann, and with that the two boys lunged at each other, striking out with fists, feet, and anything else that came into range.

Huinesoron was used to this sort of behavior -- after all, he *was* the hottest person in the entire universe. So, when he was sure neither of them was going to win quickly, he put his discarded cloak back on and strode off down the corridor.

After a while he came to an intersection of corridors. The lights in his corridor were out, making it impossible for anyone to see him. So he stood there and waited for someone to walk past, so he could step out dramatically and make them want him more.

But then, something terrible happened. Two girls walked by at once! Normally he would have thought nothing of taking two at the same time, but these he recognised as Jay and Acacia, two visions of perfection he had been hoping to snare for some time. Both of them were utterly perfect, at least as he saw it, and he did not want to lessen the pleasure by having both of them at once.

In order to decide which to seduce first, he used his astounding mind to mentally undress each of them in turn, running the mental models through a series of activities to see which would be better to start with. So thorough was he in his testing that by the time he decided to start with Jay, both of the beautiful young women had gone. In fact, as he discovered when he glanced at his watch, they had been gone for almost six hours.

It was now so late, in fact, that he had to go back. Retracing his route, he passed through a section of corridor riddled with bullet holes, where the battle between Techno-Dann and Jon had gotten larger. Then, finally, he came to a door, outside which various articles of clothing were still strewn. Gathering them up, he opened the door and stepped into the dimly-lit room.

"Hello," said Kaitlyn. "Did you have a good time?"

"Of course I did," he replied, as he dropped the clothes and removed his silvery-gold cape. "Am I not Huinesoron?"

"Yes, you are," replied Kaitlyn, sitting up on the bed and letting him see that she too was naked. "Now come over here..." Her voice trailed off suggestively.

"Gladly," Huinesoron said, and threw himself at her.

On an almost-completely unrelated note, at that exact moment, in a small closet in PPC HQ, Agent Dafydd woke up, looked over at Agent Vemi in the bed beside him, and smiled.