Author: Huinesoron
Huinesoron's Even Odder Day
Huinesoron awoke in bed. He rolled over and saw the most beautiful girl in the room. No, in the world. No, in the universe. No, in the-- well, you get the point. She had long hair as black as jet inlaid with ebony at midnight on a moonless night, skin the colour of some obscure fruit which one wouldn't think would look at all healthy but was nevertheless stunningly beautiful, breasts like-- well, to keep the rating down, let's just say she was very pretty. The only things he couldn't give an opinion on were her clothes, because she wasn't wearing any - Pity, he thought, I could have spent a long time describing those - and her eyes, which were closed. This was because she was asleep. Her name was Kaitlyn.

Being an impatient sort, Huinesoron proceeded to pull the blanket - transparent, of course, so he could see her through it - off her and poke her shoulder until she woke up. When she did, her deep brown eyes opened. Huinesoron would have spent a few minutes describing them, but she was naked, he was naked, they were in a bed - not essential, but more comfortable - and there were things that needed doing in such situations.

Some time later, leaving the exhausted Kaitlyn lying on the rumpled - ripped, in one place - sheets, Huinesoron got up and towelled the sweat from his muscular, tanned body. Standing in front of a mirror, he indulged in a few minutes of mental description of himself, but they were fairly repetitive. Suffice to say that his body was perfect, and capable of feats far beyond those possible by normal people. This was evidenced by the fact that he was not even breathing hard after his morning activities, while Kaitlyn was virtually unconscious.

Leaving the girl to rest, Huinesoron pulled on a long, flowing black cloak and stepped out of the door into the empty corridor beyond. He had no need of other clothes. Considering his usual activities, he didn't wear them for long.

Checking the calendar on his way out of the room, hS - for so we shall at times call him - noted that it was the day of the MSTers Meeting. He walked briskly down the corridors towards the meeting room, but before he reached it, something stunningly pink came out of a side corridor at a run and collided with him, knocking them both to the floor.

Sitting up, his cloak tangled behind him and doing a sterling job of concealing nothing at all, hS saw that what he had bumped into was a girl. A girl wearing pink. A girl wearing, in fact, a pink, sparkly and extremely revealing ballet costume. "Hello, Ella," he said, unfastening his cloak.

"Hello, Huinesoron," said the girl, Ella. "On your way to the MSTers Meeting?"

"That I am," he replied, standing up and walking over to her. He looked down at her, seeing the shape of her body through the pink costume. "However," he said, sitting down beside her and beginning to remove her clothes, "I think I can spare a few minutes for you first."

Grinning, her eyes flashing from blue to pink to yellow to octarine to green, Ella began to assist him. "I'm so glad."

As soon as the costume was removed - and with two of them working on it, that did not take long at all - hS grabbed Ella by her perfect shoulders, pushed her down onto her back on the floor, and, well, we'll leave the rest to your imaginations.

When they were finished, hS dressed Ella - taking every chance to touch her smooth, soft skin - and carried her the rest of the way to the MSTers Meeting, she being too worn out to walk. On arrival, they found AW, Boz4PM and the Greenough Hall MSTers Club waiting for them. Smiling, hS placed Ella on the floor - she didn't need to walk for what they would do here - and said, "Well, people, shall we get changed?"

When they were all naked, hS having helped Ella to do what her weakened hands could not, our protagonist sat down on the floor, pulled the nude ballerina onto his lap, and said to the group, "Come on, pile in."

They did so, and for the next half hour the centre of the room was occupied by a writhing heap of flesh, limbs - some of them blue - sticking out everywhere. Occasionally, and inevitably considering the group in question, there were comments of 'You realise that's not physically possible' and 'Of course, we should all be exhausted by now', and other such things. Sometimes, these were cut off as the mouths doing the speaking were suddenly otherwise engaged.

When the meeting finished, and while the others were still recovering, hS extracted himself from the mound and located his cloak. Exiting the room, he wandered off down the corridor, with no clear destination in mind.

Fortunately, he didn't need one, as he almost bumped into Bjam and BeautyID halfway down the hall. He watched them for a moment - they were far too engrossed in each other to even notice him - before tapping BiD, who was closest, on the shoulder.

She turned her head, looking away from where she had Bjam pinned against the wall, and grinned. "Oh, hi, hS," she said. "Want to join in?"

Uncharacteristically, hS hesitated. "Always," he said, "but I have another idea I'd like to try first. How would you like to play a game?"

The expression on his face was extremely suggestive, and on the other side of BiD, Bjam gave a wide grin. "Sounds fun," she said. "What is it?"


"... atta toltorasta, nelde toltorasta, canta toltorasta!" Opening his eyes, hS stepped away from the wall and looked around. The two girls had gone, off to hide while he counted. Now he had to find them to continue the game.

His Elvish sight immediately noted a door left slightly ajar, and he went to investigate. Pushing it open, he saw BiD sitting in the centre of the floor, watching him. She was naked. Dropping his cloak by the door, the elf walked towards her. "I'd think you could find a slightly better hiding place in a hundred seconds," he said as he sat down in front of her.

The girl nodded unashamedly. "Yep," she said, "but I didn't want to."

Huinesoron raised an eyebrow, leaning back on his hands. "And what did you want?" he asked, guessing the answer and preparing.

He wasn't disappointed. "You," BiD replied, launching herself at him. His hands met her in mid-leap, rolling her down to the floor on her back, where hS threw himself onto her.

"And now," he said as she gasped, "I have you, instead."

He left some time later, leaving BiD spread-eagled in the middle of the floor. As he stepped out of the door, Bjam ran straight into him. Grabbing her by the hips, he pushed her against the wall, holding her there with his body. "Aren't you meant to be hiding?"

She nodded, making a half-hearted attempt to get away. "You were taking so long," she explained, "I thought I was missing out on all the fun."

hS smiled, and his teeth gleamed. "Oh no, Bjam," he replied, "for you, the fun is just beginning." Then he was too busy to speak, and so was she.

They had been, uh, 'busy' for some fifteen minutes or so when the door opened again and BiD stepped out. She saw them and her eyes gleamed. "Mind if I join in?"

"Of course not," said hS, for Bjam was too breathless to reply, "the more the merrier." He held out an arm, wrapped it around BiD's slim waist, and pulled her into the fold. Her wide smile was the last thing he saw before lowering his head to put his mouth to better use than talking.

With two girls to 'care for', hS took longer than usual to exhaust them both. Inevitably, however, he did so, and left Bjam and BiD slumped against the wall, clinging feebly to each other to keep from collapsing across the hallway. "Well," hS said to himself as he walked away, "that went well." He was always glad of an encounter with Bjam or BiD, but especially both at once.

"Ow!" hS and the girl he had walked into both went flying. "Will you watch where you're going, you... you..." The girl trailed off as she saw exactly who she had bumped into. "Ooh."

hS looked at her curiously. "And who might you be?" he asked. "I thought I knew most people around here."

"Oh!" The girl blushed. "Sorry. I'm Luthien. You probably haven't seen me around that much, I tend to spend most of my time in-"

"Wait," said hS, "you're not Luthien. I spend most of my time having sex with someone who looks very much like Luthien, and you don't look anything like her."

Luthien - or whatever her name was - blinked. "No, no, I'm not that Luthien, I'm just me. I sort of borrowed the name for a while, and I guess it stuck, so I keep using it, and did you say sex?"

hS laughed. "I did indeed say sex. Would you like some?"

Luthien stared. Uncharacteristically - at least, from what hS had seen so far - she didn't say anything. Impatiently, hS took a few steps forward, crossing the space between them and, reaching forward, beginning to unfasten the buttons on Luthien's shirt. She didn't resist, of course. "You don't have to answer that question, you know," he said conversationally. "It's a well known fact that everyone lusts after me. You won't be any different." Then he finished the buttons, pulled the top open, and raised an eyebrow. "Actually, in one way, you are different. You haven't learnt yet that underclothes are wasted around here."

Luthien blinked, and looked down at her bra. "Well," she said, drawing a deep breath, "I don't see that-"

Huinesoron silenced her with a kiss as his hands worked quickly to remove the bra and then went on to the rest of her clothes. "Shut up and lie down," he said as the last piece of fabric hit the floor. Luthien did so, falling back onto the thin layer of clothes. hS smiled and dropped down on top of her.

Some time later - an encounter with a previously unknown person always messed with hS' time-sense - Huinesoron stood up and looked down at Luthien, who was unconscious. "You need to build your strength," he said, nodding respectfully. "You could be a really good lay."

Suddenly, the world changed around him in a flash of blue light, and he found himself in a nondescript grey room. The room may not, in fact, have been nondescript, but hS was too busy staring to notice. He had finally found something that shocked him.

On the far side of the room was a group of four people. Four naked people. Normally, hS would have seen this as an invitation - after all, why would anyone be naked unless they wanted to have sex with him? - but there were two things preventing this. The first was that the four were already busy with such activities. The second was that he recognised them all. Two of them were Andy and Saphie, the other two hottest girls in the PPC. The third was Jaster, a fairly-well-known PPC male. And the fourth...

Well, the fourth was him. Only it obviously wasn't, because he was him. Also, the other person only had one hand. This led to an immediate conclusion on hS' part, which he foolishly blurted aloud. "Dafydd?!"

Instantly, the foursome jolted apart, and Agent Dafydd - for it was, indeed, he - looked up. He narrowed his eyes at hS, and said, in a low, dangerous voice, "So, you're here at last. When these other people from your world appeared, I knew you would be here soon." The elf grinned cruelly. "Why don't you come and join us?"

Again, such an offer would usually be on hS' list of wildest dreams, but seeing Dafydd had shaken him. Turning, he ran off into a grey corridor, and into the depths of PPC HQ.

As he ran, he heard the faint sound of footsteps behind him. As Dafydd was an elf, hS knew than any sound of footsteps had to be created specifically to intimidate him. This was, of course, a ridiculous tactic, which made the fact that it was working all the more annoying. Huinesoron looked desperately for an escape route, a place to hide from the sex-crazed elven assassin chasing him...

... and found it when a black-clothed figure jumped out of a previously-unseen door in the wall, grabbed him by the arm, and dragged him back into the dark room beyond before quickly and quietly closing the door again. Dafydd's footsteps grew louder, and then softer as the elf passed the door and kept running. Finally, they faded, and hS let out a sigh of relief.

"Well," said a cheerful female voice from behind him, "that was fun, wasn't it?"

Huinesoron raised an eyebrow, for the voice sounded entirely serious. "I wouldn't say fun, exactly," he said, and turned around to look at the person who had rescued him. Then he began staring.

"What?" asked the girl - actually, the woman, unusually for the PPC. "What is it? Do I have something in my teeth?"

"No, it's just..." He shook his head, trying not to look at her. Though he'd never seen a description, there was something about the way she held herself that made him sure of her identity. "Ontic, right?"

The agent grinned. "That's right. And you are??"

"Um." Huinesoron frowned. Dafydd had obviously recognised him, but Ontic hadn't. If she did, how would she react to the person who'd written her fall into psychosis? Best not to risk it, he thought. "I'm David," he said. "Hi."

"Hi, Davey," said Ontic, causing Huinesoron to wince. Even if it wasn't his name, he didn't like Ontic's habit of mutilating names. But she didn't notice, of course, and went on. "You're naked, did you know that?"

Huinesoron blinked. "Uh, yes, I knew that."

Ontic nodded. "Just checking. Why?"

"Um." hS thought for a moment, and then said, "Because I'm sex-crazed and don't bother to put my clothes back on in between people."

"Okay." Ontic accepted that as calmly as she had anything else, and then grinned widely. "And now you're trapped in a Response Centre with me. A poor defenceless girl. All alone with you."

hS blinked, and then returned the grin. "I wouldn't call you defenceless, but you are right. And I think I'll make the most of it." So saying, he stepped forward, gripped Ontic's collar in both hands, and ripped her top off her body. She wasn't wearing anything underneath it, which made hS' grin even wider. "Now this," he said, "I like." He leaned down to give her chest a much closer inspection - using, of course, every sense at his disposal, with the possible exception of hearing - while his hands made their own way down to remove the annoying inconvenience known as trousers, with brute force if necessary.

DIS training - not to mention her 'job' before being recruited to the PPC - gave Ontic much more stamina than hS was used to - except, of course, in Kaitlyn, who was perfect, and had only been exhausted by the morning's exercise due to a somewhat prolonged bout covering the previous three days - and as a result, hS was surprised to find her still conscious, and indeed coherent, when he was done with her.

"So, Davey," said Ontic, sitting up and leaning against the wall of the Response Centre, "you'll be wanting to go home now?"

hS blinked, remembered just in time the name he had given, and asked, "Home?"

"Back where you came from," the agent - ex-agent? hS suddenly realised he had no idea when he was - said. "We've had lots of non-agents falling into HQ recently, so we're supposed to send them home right away. I shouldn't have kept you here so long, but oh well. Come along, time to go." So saying, she jumped to her feet, pulled the door open, and ran out into the corridor, still naked and dripping with sweat.

hS followed her, and though at times she drew almost too far away for him to do so, they eventually arrived almost together at the door to the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology. "Here you go," said Ontic cheerfully. "You go in, say when you arrived, and they'll send you back." With those words, she enveloped him in a crushing hug, gave him a fierce, lingering kiss, and ran off into the maze of HQ once more.

Huinesoron blinked. "That was... bizarre," he said, and, opening the door, stepped through into DoSAT. There, he was met by Agent Dann, who gave him an openly lustful look which melted into confusion when hS said, "No, no, we did that last time."

The agents shrugged. "Your loss, weirdo," he muttered, and gestured at a device in which a blue circle flickered. "Just hop through there, please." At hS' raised eyebrow, he sighed and explained. "We've upgraded the technology in the last few minutes. It'll take you home. Just go already."

hS went, having decided that spending more time in HQ would be bad for his sanity. As the blue glow faded, he discovered that it really had taken him home. On the bed in front of him, book falling from her fingers as she took in his sudden appearance from nowhere, was Kaitlyn, as beautiful and naked as ever. hS grinned.

"Welcome back," said the girl, lying back onto the bed languidly and letting her black hair flow across the sheets with no regards for how much trouble it would be to untangle later. "Finally decided to come back to canon?"

The grin turned into a warm, loving smile, the one that nobody else he encountered ever saw. "Of course, my dear," he said. "I always am." And with those words - all others being unnecessary - he launched himself at the perfect girl with the deep brown eyes. This time, he thought, let's make it five days.