Author: Huinesoron
Huinesoron's Oddest Day Ever
Huinesoron awoke, as he usually did in the mornings (well, more often mid-afternoon, but it amounts to the same thing). He smiled at the sight of black hair strewn over his chest, at the warm skin pressing down on his outstretched right arm, and turned his head to see Kaitlyn lying beside him, eyes still closed.

Rolling over onto his side, the elf reached out and touched the girl's cheek, in a move that most of those who knew him would have found surprisingly tender. That, though, was because they were just a hobby - as much as anyone could be, Kaitlyn was His Girl.

Leaning over, he kissed the sleeping girl lightly on the lips, only to discover, when her eyes opened, that she wasn't actually asleep. Her arms whipped up behind his head, and the kiss became far more interesting than hS had planned. Not that he objected in the slightest.

When it finally ended, while Kaitlyn was still gasping for breath, hS reached over and gripped her shoulder. As he rolled her over, pulling her on top of him and trapping her firmly against his body with both arms, the thin blanket on the bed tangled around them. Neither of them cared, though, as they had far more important things to do.

An unspecified, but undoubtedly long and certainly energetic, amount of time later, the exhausted - well, she had only just woken up when they began - Kaitlyn rolled back off her lover and onto the bed beside him. Huinesoron took a few moments to admire her perfect body, glistening with sweat, before standing up and reaching for his nearby black cloak. He recalled his schedule for the day - the first appointment was the same as every other day - and knew that he wouldn't need any other clothes. Making his way around the bed, he stepped out of the room's main door and into the grey corridor beyond, where Luthien was waiting.

It had been almost a year now since his first encounter with the girl with the stolen name, and for most of that time hS had been employed to tutor her in the ways of lust. She had learnt well, he was pleased to note, and now came to their lessons wearing only an easy-to-remove dress, with none of that undergarment nonsense she'd once used.

"Hi, hS," the girl said from where she was leaning against the wall, "where are we going to go this time? We haven't been to the pool for a while, that's always interesting, or we could-"

She stopped when the kiss began, not having much choice in the matter, but when it ended she still remained silent, probably because hS had already taken the hem of her dress in his hands and started pulling it up. "We're not going anywhere," he said, pulling it over her head and dropping it to the floor before unfastening his cloak. "We're going to do it right here." He paused for a moment, looking her up and down as best he could from a distance of only a few inches, and then added, "Literally." Gripping her shoulders, he pushed her back firmly against the wall she was already leaning on, and, well, you get the picture.

Around half an hour later, according to Huinesoron's time-keeping sense, the pair were startled by the sound of a door opening behind hS. Luthien, who could see it over hS's shoulder, lifted one hand from the elf's back and waved. "Hi, Kaitlyn," she said, before falling back into the muffled gasps that usually marked an encounter with hS.

The elf lifted his lips from Luthien's shoulder and tried to look around at Kaitlyn, although, not being an owl, his head couldn't turn that far. Fortunately, she saw his plight and stepped into his field of vision. She was still naked, hair cascading down her back in slightly sticky clumps due to the sweat, and hS was so enthralled that he almost stopped his 'work' with Luthien. Almost. "Hello, Kaitlyn," he said shakily, "would you like to join us?"

The girl raised one dark eyebrow. "Of course I would," she said, "why else would I be out here?" She stepped over to the pair, slipping one hand between them even as she turned her head to kiss Luthien full on the lips. Huinesoron's right arm was already in a good position, so he simply pulled it back slightly and began to use his nimble fingers to explore Kaitlyn's body, even as he felt hers doing the same to both Luthien and him.

By the end of the session, the trio had managed to end up on the floor in a tangle of limbs. Huinesoron extracted himself, taking the time to place a few last kisses over both Kaitlyn and Luthien's bodies, and ending with a prolonged one when all three managed to press their lips together, tongues battling for supremacy. It was fun, and hS almost let it descend into another session, but he had places to be and was already late. Reluctantly abandoning the two girls, he located his cloak and set off along the corridor towards the SAS meeting room.

Somewhat to his surprise, hS didn't encounter anyone on the journey to the meeting, and thus arrived before anyone else in the Society for Abbreviated Screennames showed up. Picking up the membership list from the table by the door, he sat down on a convenient chair to wait.

Within a few minutes the door opened and two other members walked in - Gandalf the Beige and Starwind Rohana, known on the list as GtB and SR. hS stood up to meet them, dropping his cloak as he did so, and the pair exchanged a quick look before pulling off their own clothes and walking towards him.

"No one else is coming," SR said casually as they approached. "We told them the meeting was cancelled."

hS raised a perfect eyebrow. "Why did you do that?" he asked her, though he could guess at the answer.

"We wanted to spend some time alone with you, of course," GtB said, grinning widely. Then the pair reached hS, GtB grabbed him by the hair and stopped his reply with a kiss, SR pushed him back down into the chair and straddled his lap, and things got, uh, a bit sticky.

When the other two were worn out, hS extracted himself once again from the tangle of limbs on the floor and looked around for his cloak. He found it trapped under SR's legs, the threesome having apparently rolled over it some time after knocking the chair to the ground (which had happened within two minutes - GtB had become impatient with the near-monopoly SR had gained on hS's attention by way of her position, and had decided to force the issue). He pulled it out, only to discover that it was soaked in a surprising amount of sweat. Shrugging, he draped it over his shoulders anyway and tried to leave the room.

Unfortunately for anyone who wanted the plot to move on, someone was leaning on the door when it opened. Huinesoron tried to catch the young woman as she fell, but only succeeded in adding his weight to hers as they tumbled to the floor together and rolled over a few times before coming to a stop.

Finding himself on top of the girl, hS looked down at a vaguely familiar face. It took him a few moments, however, to attach a name to it. "... Moonburst, right?"

The girl nodded, then looked down uncertainly. "Uh... you going to get up?"

Huinesoron looked down as well, propping himself up on his elbows to get a better view of the girl's body. She was certainly attractive - as, of course, was everyone hS knew; there was no value in learning the names of people you couldn't enjoy sex with - and so hS decided that she'd be worth his time. "No," he said, letting his body fall back onto hers and reaching down to unfasten her jeans, "I rather think I won't."

Moonburst seemed surprised at first - hS didn't know why, after all, what else was there to do with one's time except sex? - but came to her senses in time to help him push the jeans over her feet. Deciding there and then not to bother removing her top, hS slipped his hands under the girls back, pulled her up against him, and did what he did best.

The flash of blue light surprised the elf, but not enough to break his concentration. It was only when he heard a faint rusting and felt a delicate touch on his legs that he was startled into looking round. The sight of a small tree in a blue pot sitting there bemused him for a moment, and then, over the sound of Moonburst's moans, he heard a voice. Or rather, he didn't hear it - it went straight to his brain without involving the ears. I've been waiting for you, Huinesoron.

Huinesoron stared, arms moving out to his sides so he could make a quick getaway if he needed to. Moonburst was still pushing up against him, wanting his attention back, but he ignored her. "What are you doing here?" he asked harshly.

You're in a compound dimension, the Bonsai Mallorn - for it was indeed he - said. We've brought some people from your home here, along with some from PPC HQ, so that you can teach us some of your... talent. The tree brushed a branch over hS's foot and trembled slightly. I must say, I'm quite looking forward to it.

With a startled cry, hS pushed himself away from Moonburst - he had to shove her hands roughly away when she tried to grab him - and jumped to his feet. The Mallorn started to move towards him, so he fled in fear, running through unfamiliar corridors without any goal in mind but escaping from the tree.

Minutes passed, but hS kept running until even his legendary stamina was beginning to run out. Then, without any warning, he raced around a corner and ran headlong into Andy and Saphie, who were kissing passionately in the middle of the hallway. The three tumbled across the floor, and when they came to a halt hS found his face pressed against Andy's chest. It seemed that the pair had been naked when he arrived, but he didn't bother to wonder about this, instead putting his position to good use.

The two women had a brief, murmured conversation - very brief - and then hS felt hands roaming over his body, legs intertwining with his, and at least one pair of lips trailing kisses over his skin. He reached his own hands out blindly, seeking the hot, sweaty contact he knew he would find, and there was a muffled squeak from one of the girls as the encounter began in earnest.

It was some time later when hS looked up from his current position over Saphie's chest to see that they were no longer alone. A crowd of eight people and two Flowers had gathered to watch, and at the front of the group he recognised his pupil Luthien, sandwiched between Gundamkiwi, a PPC Agent with 'Nosferatu' written on an oversized sign for some unknown reason, and a giant pansy - Pansy, really - in a military uniform. Lifting one hand - the one that wasn't tangled in Andy's hair - he waved at her and said, "Want to join us?"

In truth, hS had only been addressing Luthien, but the rest of the observers didn't seem to grasp that. All of them came forward at once, and the elf found himself using different parts of his body to deal with Gen, Hawkelf and the other Flower, some sort of rose. He considered trying to escape, but then smiled and, as Bjam crushed his lips in a passionate kiss, set to his task with vigour.

Not everyone has the staying power of our protagonist, so over time various members of the orgy drifted, or more commonly crawled, away. Thus it was that some time later hS found himself surrounded by only four people. His left hand caressed Spoofmaster (who he was sure had not been there at the beginning), while his right was busy with Techno-Dann. Neshomeh sat astride his hips, and his head was buried firmly between Luthien's legs. At least three hands and one pair of lips were roaming his body, and hS knew that the others were probably paying just as much attention to each other as to him. He kept going.

In the end, Luthien was the last to leave - proof of the quality of his training, hS was sure. However, as he discovered on standing, one of the departed, Techno-Dann, had not gone very far. Exhausted by the pleasure of the impromptu orgy, the young man had simply curled up against a wall and gone to sleep.

Huinesoron was about to depart, but a thought struck him. Wandering over to Dann, he prodded the other in the shoulder until he awoke. "Whassit?" the man asked blearily.

Huinesoron briefly explained what the Bonsai Mallorn had said about their present location, and Dann gave him a thoughtful look before nodding. "Yes, I think I can see a way to fix it and send everyone home. However... I need waking up first." He gave hS a lazy grin that left the elf in no doubt about his meaning.

Huinesoron nodded. "I'll see what I can do," he promised, and leaned down to kiss the man firmly on the lips.

The kiss went on for a long time, and by the time it finished Dann's eyes were wide open, purged of sleep. All four of the hands present had been roaming freely, and so Huinesoron felt quite justified when he stood up, leaving Dann gasping for breath, and said, "How long before you get it done?"

"A while," Techno-Dann said, staring up at him. "I mean, it's a complicated-"

"I see," hS replied, and strode away down a nearby corridor. Behind him, the huge pool of sweat that the orgy had left on the floor began to evaporate into the over-heated air.

The corridors were empty as hS walked through them, and he began to long for some sex to liven things up. Fortunately for him - and, indeed, for the continuation of this chronicle - he happened to be walking past a small side room just as a woman's voice didn't say anything. The reason it didn't say anything is that gasping moaning noises do not count as words, from which information you can probably guess what hS heard, and indeed what he saw when he pushed the door open.

The source of the voice was a young woman with light brown hair, being held against the wall by a young man of similar age, whose hair was a fairly lurid orange, and extremely messy besides. The messy factor, however, might just have been a consequence of their circumstances, as hS immediately noticed that they were both naked. He also noticed, despite the woman's attempting to hide her face in her companion's shoulder, was that he recognised them. "Imbolc? Narto?"

The young man looked around, startled, and then groaned and whispered something in his sister's - for, indeed, they were brother and sister - ear. The girl stared at hS, blushing furiously, and blurted out, "It's not what you think!"

"On the contrary," hS said lazily, once again dropping his cloak to the floor, "it most certainly is, but I don't care. I have no problems with your love," he concluded, walking over to them and reaching around Narto to pat Imbolc on the shoulder, "I just wish you'd share." He trailed his fingers lightly over the girl's chest, watching her expression go from worried to confused to, finally, bemused acceptance. When he judged the moment right, he gently but firmly pushed Narto to one side, reached down to lift one of Imbolc's legs and hook it over his own hip, and pressed himself against her with lust in his eyes. He heard Narto's disappointed 'hmph', and chose to prevent repetition by reaching out with his free arm to grab the Agent and pull him up against the two. Then things got complicated.

Afterwards, hS could never work out how it had happened, but at some point during the activities, Imbolc moved away to curl up by the door and go to sleep, and someone new arrived in her place. Thus it was that hS found himself in a heap on the floor with Narto, yes, and also someone he tentatively identified as Agent Dafydd.

Needless to say, this was not a situation that particularly appealed to hS - he would sleep with anyone (although there was rarely any sleep involved), but did prefer to have a woman in the group. Besides, this was Dafydd, who had been highly... disturbing the last time hS encountered him. Because of these two things, he had to escape. But how?

The solution was glaringly simple. Dafydd and Narto were fully occupied with each other, so hS simply stood up, picked up his cloak from the spot on the floor, walked out into the corridor, and tripped over a pair of intertwined bodies.

Trying to figure out what had happened, hS rolled over to look back at the two. He could see little more than tangled black hair flailing around, but after a few moments there was a shift and the owner of the hair was rolled from her position atop her partner to a new one sprawled face-up across Huinesoron's body. She was by no means stationary, her hips still pushing up against the other, but hS could at least see her face. "Nyx Nightingale," he murmured, "and Dassie Hyrax, I suppose."

The two DIS Agents were so involved with each other that they didn't hear him, or even register his presence. hS didn't mind, though - he could join in without being invited. Shuffling his body around, he managed to get his head onto Nyx's chest. Reaching out his hands, he slipped one between Nyx and the floor, dug the fingers of the other into Dassie's frantically moving back, and away he went.

Some time later, he extracted his hand from between the two and lifted his lips from Dassie's neck. As far as he could tell, neither of the two had opened their eyes or even noticed that a third person had joined them during all the time they were together. True love, hS thought reflectively as he stood up, grabbed his cloak from where it lay crumpled by the wall, and nearly walked into the uniformed DIS officer standing there watching.

Recovering his balance, the elf draped the cloak over his shoulders and nodded. "Hello, Ontic."

"Hi again Davey," the woman said, waving at him and reminding him of the name he'd assumed last time he had encountered her. "I thought you might be coming, so I prepared." With a wide grin, she flipped up her short skirt to reveal the complete lack of underwear underneath. Huinesoron walked over to her and ran his fingers along her silver sash, noting as he did so the easy-to-remove shirt she was wearing.

"Well, now," the elf murmured, pulling the sash over her head and stretching it slightly, "this gives me some ideas."

Ontic was almost too willing, and by the time hS was finished with her she was tied hands and feet with sash and shirt, her skirt pushed up above her waist. Huinesoron leant down to touch his lips to her throat, then ran his tongue down to her chest. What followed, you can probably surmise. Suffice to say that, had he not kept from biting down when a stern voice behind him said "What's this, then?", Ontic would have been in a lot more pain than anticipated.

He managed not to, however, and turned to see a dark-haired elf behind him. "Hi, Nen," said Ontic cheerfully, confirming hS's suspicion. "I'd wave, but I'm a bit tied up right now."

"So I see," Nendil said, glowering at hS. "You are aware that imprisoning a Guard in the course of her duty is a capital crime, I assume?"

"Well, I..." hS simply shook his head, unable to reply. Kill him? Just when he was having fun?

"Of course," Nendil went on, stepping over the pair, "such a punishment can be waived if there is another, unrestrained Guard present." With those words, he unfastened his trousers, kicked them off, and reached over to press his hands against hS's back, trapping the both of them. "Carry on with what you were doing," he instructed as he tightened his grip, pulling himself against Ontic's suddenly arched back. hS shrugged, then did as he was told.

When he deemed the session ended, hS was surprised to discover that he had apparently been tied to Ontic by one arm, using what appeared to be Nendil's shirt. The DISer's sash had been used to gag Ontic, while the woman's skirt had been removed and was now doing excellent service as a blindfold on Nendil. As hS stood up, untying his arm first, Ontic's eyes still gazed lustfully up at him, even as she moaned through her gag, writhing under Nendil's energetic ministrations. Huinesoron waved a jaunty farewell, picked up his cloak yet again (actually taking the time to put it on, for once) and set off down the corridor.

He had actually gone quite a long way when there was a slight rustling sound and he looking into a doorway to see a large white mass. A strange voice sounded in his head. Well, hello there. Care to come and... tend to me?

With mounting horror, hS recognised the Bracket Fungus. "Er, no thank you, sir," he said.

I can be very good to you, the Fungus said seductively, starting for the door. hS abandoned his calm exterior and opted for panic, instead. He ran.

When he thought he was safe, he leant heavily against a nearby door, which promptly opened. Lying on his back, hS found himself looking up at something brown and furry.

"Hello, there," said Twp'atwt as the elf got to his feet. The Pine Marten, hS was disturbed to note, was stark naked, except for the fur. "Come to pay me a little visit, have you?" the rodent went on, and grinned widely, showing his sharp teeth. Huinesoron ran again.

The next time he stopped, he made sure the wall he was leaning on wasn't a door. Closing his eyes, he tried to recover his poise, and had started to get results when a pair of strange, child-like and yet animal-like started to talk.

Oh, this is getting silly, hS thought as he opened his eyes to see two ewok-like creatures dropping from a grate in the ceiling. They, too, were naked, and wore terribly out-of-place lusty looks. He had a dreadful feeling they were his mini-Boarders, Hunesoron and Hinesoron, and he had absolutely no intention of having sex with them. With a groan, he started running yet again.

Mini-Boarders are fast, a fact which is not appreciated by any who have not had to run away from them. Fortunately for hS, he managed to get enough of a lead that they hadn't caught up when a - thankfully female - voice called, "In here," and he dove into a side room, the door slamming behind him. When he looked up to see who had saved him, he stared.

"What?" said the six-inch fairy with yellow hair, alighting on a small table. "What is it?"

"... Flicks?" he managed weakly.

"That's right," the fairy said. "Do I know you?"

"... no," hS said, looking around. "You don't." Finding another door out of the room, he nodded. "Look, thank you for helping me, but-"

"Oh, I didn't do it for free," Flickerbright said, fluttering over and landing next to him. "I expect to be paid." With that, she pulled off her top and dropped her skirt.

Huinesoron raised an eyebrow and sat down next to her. "Flicks," he said, "you're barely the size of my hand. If I tried to kiss you, I'd swallow you whole, and as to the other..."

"You know, you've got very slender fingers," the fairy commented, walking over and standing by the little finger on his right hand. "If you're careful..." She reached out and touched the finger, looking up at him in a way that managed to combine cute and irresistibly sexy.

He was careful.

When it was over, the fairy lay on his chest, wings wrapped around her as they'd been wrapped around various parts of his body. hS gently touched some of the tiny bite marks that she had left on his skin, using the very finger that had been so useful to them, and wondered vaguely whether he'd be able to persuade her to go at it again.

Then he vanished.


After her session with hS and Luthien, Kaitlyn had gone back into her room for a time. Being alone seemed inexplicably dull, however, so she left to find some new company. That had been how she met Keily.

The pair didn't have much in common - names beginning with K were all that sprang to mind - but they hit it off nevertheless, and within a few minutes such meaningless formalities as clothes had been abandoned, a sofa had been located, and they were busy soaking the cushions with sweat.

All her time with Huinesoron had left Kaitlyn with great stamina, so when Keily passed out, lips still pressed against the other woman's thigh (yes, thigh. Honest), Kaitlyn extracted herself as gently as she could, relocated some of her clothes (her skirt and shawl, the rest almost certainly being hidden under Keily), and set off into the corridors, tugging at her hair in a vain attempt to get it into some semblance of order.

"Well, hello there," said an unfamiliar voice, and the woman looked up to see a man leaning against the wall. A slight thrill ran through her at the sight, even though he was fully clothed. Males were very rare where they lived - one of the reasons hS was so popular - so to actually meet one...

"My name's Elcalion," the man said, walking over to her and flicking the shawl back over her shoulder and off. "Hmm, I like what I see," he added, leaning down to press his lips against her chest.

Kaitlyn gasped and arched her back slightly as she felt Elcalion's tongue moving over her skin. "K, Kaitlyn," she introduced herself, but she was almost certain he didn't care. Feeling his hands pulling her skirt up and running over her hips, she recovered her senses enough to gasp out, "hS'll kill you," uncertain whether she meant it as a warning or a threat.

Elcalion merely straightened up, smiling at her as he slid one hand around between her legs and whispered in her ear: "He'll have to find out first."

His teeth met gently on her earlobe, and Kaitlyn moaned and pushed down against his hand even as one of hers slipped into the front of his trousers, long fingers groping for what they might find. What ensued, you should know all about.

Although the two began against the wall, Elcalion soon began to tire, so Kaitlyn pushed him down onto his back and settled herself astride his hips. Digging her fingers into his shoulders hard enough for her nails to draw blood, she kept on with all that messy stuff.

Elcalion's eventual unconsciousness was inevitable, so when Kaitlyn noticed she stood up gracefully, smoothed her rumpled skirt down to some semblance of order, picked up her shawl, and stole her erstwhile lover's shirt.

Walking down the corridor, shawl tucked into her waistband, the woman used the shirt to wipe off some of the sweat that soaked her body. She did a good job of her chest, arms and face, but she couldn't reach all of her back, and her legs were impossible without stopping. With a sigh, she dropped the shirt and started looking for the way home.

It was in this half-naked and slightly sticky state that she walked out of the corridor into a small circular room with four passageways leading off it. What caught her attention most, however, was the dark-haired young woman lying naked, on her back and spread-eagled in the middle of the floor. Curious, she walked over and crouched next to the woman. "Ah, hello?"

The woman turned her head lazily to look at Kaitlyn. "Hello," she said, "I'm Araeph. And who might you be?"

"Uh, I'm Kaitlyn." Kaitlyn blinked, her gaze flicking over the other woman's body. "Uh, what are you doing?"

"I'm waiting for someone to come and have wild, passionate sex with me, to make me scream louder than I ever have before, and to give me so much pleasure that I faint," Araeph replied matter-of-factly. "I would of course do the same for them, with the exception that the likelihood of both fainting is rather small."

"... oh." Kaitlyn thought for a moment, then removed her skirt (with some difficulty) and shuffled nearer. "Would I do?" she asked.

Araeph's only answer was to briefly study her, then throw herself full length onto Kaitlyn's body


When hS appeared it was to the sound of extremely loud, gasping screams. They were, he decided, staring at the grey wall, either two people brutally murdering each other, or two people engaged in one of the most enthusiastic and passionate lovemaking sessions he'd encountered outside his own with Kaitlyn. One look behind him answered the question - there was very little blood, and besides, no murderer would have her head there. Or, for that matter, her feet there.

Huinesoron wandered over, wondering if he could be of any assistance - he usually was, in these circumstances - and tapped the nearest shoulder. There was no response. Looking a bit harder into the tangle of limbs, he reached in and, finding the more sensitive bit of anatomy he was seeking, dug his fingers in and squeezed hard. There was still no response. Growing exasperated, the elf grabbed the nearest clump of dark, sweaty hair and tugged firmly. This time, there was a response. The girl whose hair he had pulled lifted her head briefly to let out what's best described as a cry of passion. hS recognised her as Araeph, but she didn't even noticing, returning her attention to the other woman with renewed vigour.

Sighing, hS resorted to simplistic tactics. Finding the other, unknown woman's head, he pulled it away from what it was doing, turned it to look at him, and came face to face with Kaitlyn.

The girl didn't seem to recognise him at first, still writhing along with Araeph. Then her eyes regained their focus and she frowned. "Huinesoron?" she said, uncertainly. "I was trying to find the way home when I had to seduce Araeph."

hS considered this for a moment. There seemed to be something wrong with it, although he couldn't figure out what. Giving up, he shrugged. "It's just down that corridor over there," he said, nodding at it. "Shall I leave you to it?"

Kaitlyn shook her head. "No, I was - oh! - getting bored here anyway. Can you- ah! Ah! Ah!" She had to wait for the fit of shuddering to pass before completing the sentence. "C'n you take over for me here?" she finally asked.

"Of course I will," hS said, patting her gently on the cheek and dropping his cloak. "See if you can roll on... that's it. Now, a quick swap, okay? One... two..."

The changeover went without a hitch. Kaitlyn waved to hS, who nodded a quick reply before turning his attention to Araeph. It seemed as though she hadn't noticed, but then one of her hands landed on his chest. It wavered there for a moment, patting around, then made its way down over his stomach. After a few more moments, Araeph's head came up. "You're not Kaitlyn."

"No, I'm not," hS confirmed. "I'm her replacement. Do you mind?"

"Hmm..." Araeph looked thoughtful, at least in the face. Her body looked as aroused as ever, and was moving sensuously against hS's. Her hands roamed his skin, feeling out the differences between her two partners. At last she shook her head. "No, don't mind."

"Good," said hS, grabbing her by the hands and pushing them down onto the floor above her head. She writhed against him, but he ignored that for the moment and made use of those differences she had noticed.

Araeph did indeed faint with pleasure, even though she had not requested it of hS. Feeling quite light-hearted, the elf made his way along the corridor towards home. Life being what it is, though, he barely made it a third of the way before he heard the sound of sobbing and stopped to determine the source.

It wasn't difficult. Huddled against the wall to his left was a well-formed young woman wearing only - hS grimaced - a sparkly pink bra. Despite his distaste over her choice of attire - on account of both the colour and nature of it - he walked over, leant down beside her, and touched her shoulder. "Is something wrong?"

The girl flinched from his touch, then looked up through tear-streaked eyes. "It was horrible!" she exclaimed. Huinesoron raised an eyebrow and waited politely for her to continue. It took a while, but eventually she did. "They, they grabbed me and they tore off my clothes, and, oh, it's too horrible to say." She seemed about to descend into tears again, but hS touched her cheek and she managed not to. "They held me down, and one of them... oh, it was awful... he... he pulled this out of his pocket and forced it onto me!" She grabbed at one strap of the bra and tugged at it. "They had more, too, but I managed to get away. It was horrible, though..."

hS shook his head in disapproval. "A truly foul thing to do," he said sympathetically. "So tell me, uh..."

"Chevron," the girl supplied. Huinesoron nodded.

"Tell me, Chevron, who did this to you?"

Chevron shrugged. "A group of men... I didn't see how many."

The elf glanced along the corridor, but couldn't see anyone. Of course, he didn't know how far she'd run. It wasn't his concern, though. "Now, Chevron," he said, trailing the fingers of one hand down her face and neck, "do you think it would help you if I tore off this vile apparel, shoved you down onto your back, and then took you so hard we leave a dent in the floor?"

Chevron flushed across the entire length of her body, letting out a small, nervous giggle. "Do you know," she said, "I do believe it would."

Huinesoron was true to his word. Pushing one hand into the front of the bra, he unfastened it with the other and then pulled it away, throwing it clear across the corridor. Pressing both hands against her chest, he thrust her down against the floor, threw himself onto her already-sweaty body, and, yeah, you get the picture.

This time over, the elf was more interested in force than style, and although no dent in the floor was actually forthcoming, he did leave both of them with bruises. Chevron too played her part, wrapping her legs around him and using them to pull him down harder than he might alone.

When he finished with her, Chevron was unconscious, but the smile on her face showed that this was a welcome development. Rising, he found the bra that had caused her distress, thought for a moment, and then threw it as far as he could down the corridor from which he had come. That accomplished, he set off home again.

Trouble didn't strike again until he was right outside the door. Just as he was reaching out to open it, there was a polite cough from behind him. Turning, he saw what looked to be nearly a dozen men, one of them blue. He recognised most of the faces, and guessed that they must be all, or nearly all, of the males in the whole of the place he lived. Interesting, he thought, but, "Can I help you?" he said.

"Oh, I think so," one of them said. It was around then that hS noticed they were all naked. He wasn?t entirely sure how he'd missed it before. "I think so, indeed. We're after your... services."

The elf passed his gaze quickly over the others. All were staring at him with lust in their eyes - and in the rest of their bodies - and as they began to walk towards him, he shook his head. "I'm sorry, gentlemen," he said, bowing slightly, "but I can't help you." His blindly groping hand found the door handle, and he twisted it sharply. As one of the men - Leto Haven - lunged for him, he leapt back into the room and slammed the door, locking it almost in the same movement. Then, ignoring the muffled thumps from outside, he slumped down to sit against the door, eyes closed.

He barely heard the soft footsteps coming towards him, and jumped slightly when a hand touched his face gently. "It's okay," said a familiar voice, and he looked up to see Kaitlyn's concerned expression and naked body. "They tried to grab me when I was coming back," she said by way of explanation, "but some other girl came by and they got distracted."

"Chevron," hS muttered, and then had to give a brief explanation for Kaitlyn's benefit. When he finished, she laughed softly.

"So that's what they were after, is it? Poor thing. Still," she went on, "your method of dealing with it seems to have worked. Perhaps it might help you, too."

hS blinked, then reached out to touch the woman's bare thigh. With a gentle smile, she leant down and unfastened his cloak, then rose again, taking his hands in hers and lifting him with her. He returned the smile, placing his hands against her back as he kissed her gently on the lips. Kaitlyn lifted one hand to press against the back of his head, and then smiled again when he lifted his lips from hers. "A good beginning," she said softly. Stepping away slightly, she took him by the hand and led him over to the bed. Once there, she lay down on her side, looking at him inquisitively.

Huinesoron lowered himself onto the sheet alongside his lover, then wrapped his arms gently around her. Rolling atop her was the work of a moment, and once there he took a few more to study her face, the most beautiful in all the world. Lowering his head for another kiss, slow and deep, he moved his body against hers with equal slowness. Kaitlyn made a small noise in her throat, lifting one leg gently to wrap around hS's back as he continued his slow movement. When he ended the kiss and lowered his lips to press against the woman's throat, she let out a satisfied sigh before tilting her head back, eyes closed and mouth open.

Of course, things couldn't continue so calmly for long.


"Kaitlyn? I've been thinking..."

Kaitlyn stared at him as if he had just gone insane, and bucked her hips sharply against him. "Bad time, elf," she gasped. "Don't talk, just do me."

He did. It wasn't like he really minded.


"Is now a better time?"

It was later. The pair were lying in bed, covers strewn across the floor (Kaitlyn had some rather choice things to say about the film clich? of lying with the covers up just after having sex). Kaitlyn turned her head, surrounded by its halo of tangled and sticky hair, to face hS, and nodded. "You've got a few minutes."

Huinesoron struggled for words. What he was about to say went, most would think, against his very nature. Half the words he'd need had been forgotten through lack of use. Still, he had to try; this was important.

"I... had a really odd day today," he began. "Kept having to run away from people. It's got me thinking... this whole lifestyle I lead... it's not really working out, you know?" Kaitlyn was staring, so he went on hurriedly. "It's not that I don't like all the sex, that's fantastic, but... twice now we've ended up in strange dimensional mishmashes that mean I have to run from fictional characters who even I wouldn't sleep with. As far as I can tell, though, no one who wasn't doing the whole, uh, promiscuity thing was caught up in them. So, you know, I'm wondering if it might not be time to... well, not do that any more."

Pause for reflection.

"Interesting concept," Kaitlyn said at last. "So should I assume this is a reaction to your seeing me going about the same business?"

"No!" hS exclaimed. Kaitlyn raised an eyebrow, and he shifted uncomfortably. "Well, maybe. But that doesn't invalidate anything I've said."

Kaitlyn nodded. "I see. So, does this preclude staying here all day for wild, passionate sex with me?"

"Of course not," hS said lazily, reaching over and trailing a hand down her chest. "Why, it practically requires it."

"Excellent. Then I think it's a marvellous idea." So saying, she rolled over on top of him, propping herself up on her elbows to gaze down into his eyes. "Something's still bothering you," she said after a moment. "What is it?"

"What? Oh." Huinesoron shrugged. "I'm just wondering how to tell Luthien her lessons are cancelled."

"There's no need to cancel them," Kaitlyn said, and grinned down at his surprised look. "Just inform her that I will be joining you from now on."

"Oh, I like the way your mind works," hS said with a smile, reaching up and running his fingers down her spine. Kaitlyn shivered slightly at his touch.

"You'll like how my body works even more," she promised, and pushed said body down hard against his.