Author: Paddlebrains
"You know," Trojie said conversationally from her prone position on the bunk, "I'm really glad we finally did this."

There was a muffled response from somewhere under the covers.

"You really shouldn't talk with your mouth full, you know. Didn't your mother ever teach you manners?"

"Let's not bring my mother into this," Pigeon protested, surfacing from under the duvet and wiping his hand with the back of his mouth.

"Alright," Trojie agreed. "I'm guessing she never taught you the standard methods of wooing either."

Pigeon shrugged, twisting his mouth into a pout that did strange things to Trojie's insides.

"I mean, yes, alright, you proved you're worthy of me, stamina and whatnot, and I'm sure you picked up plenty of useful tricks along the way, but chocolate and flowers would have worked too. You didn't have to sleep with all of HQ."

"You did too!"

"I was... testing the merchandise for you? Making sure none of them were poisoned? At least I didn't shag Alice!"

"I thought we agreed never to speak of that again!"

Trojie opened her mouth to reply, smiling wickedly. Pigeon decided to take advantage of the situation, and gagged her with the nearest available appendage.