Author: Fynn, Sara, Cassie
Cassie was bored. She couldn't find Plat anywhere (which, being a Plat fangirl, she really wasn't very happy about), and there seemed to be no-one else around who was willing to help her look for him. Or at least, no-one who wasn't doing the horizontal tango (or the upside-down tango in one case, although Cassie was pretty sure that ought to be impossible).

Hearing noises coming from an RC, she opened the door and peered in. To a casual observer the room would have appeared to be unoccupied, but Cassie was getting used to checking at floor level, so she did so - and discovered the source of the noises.

Whoever they were, they certainly seemed to be...enjoying themselves, if the sighs, groans and occasional squeals coming from the pile of bodies were anything to go by. She was just about to turn around and go looking for another room when a chocolate-covered female face appeared from under the legs of one of the female bodies.

"Want to join in?"

"More the merrier," came another, somewhat muffled voice, which Cassie recognised.


"Uh-huh." The female body rolled over, revealing itself to be the aforenamed Boarder. Her boyish hair was tousled, her face was flushed and there was chocolate smeared all over her torso, but she eyed Cassie in a way that made it perfectly clear that she wasn't exhausted quite yet.

"So, you joining us or not?"

There was a pause. Then a third face appeared from the pile. An extremely familiar and rather flushed male face.

"Plat!" Cassie squee-ed, and dived in. After all, there was still half a bottle of chocolate sauce to use up.

Inkling wandered aimlessly down the hall. Unlike most of the people in the building, she was still clothed and had not yet participated in any of the...festivities.

"Psst! Inky!" someone hissed from a room. Before she could blink, Inkling found herself inside the room with her top off.

"Wha...?" she mumbled, confused. BattleHamster, who had pulled her in, grinned at her and motioned towards the mass of bodies on the floor.

"We decided that you needed to be part of the fun," the other girl told her, and the two soon joined the others on the floor.

Sara heard the squeals and giggles, and went to investigate. She passed an open door and stopped, double checking that she hadn't been seeing things.

No, she hadn't. There really was a pile of writhing bodies on the floor, and they were all covered in chocolate sauce. One of the participants looked up, and she vaguely recognised BattleHamster under the sauce all over her face.

"Hey, Sara," she said with a wave. "Jump in, everyone else has."

There were several rather passionate moans from lower down in the pile, and Sara's interest was piqued. "Who else is here?"

"Come and find out," called Plat.


"Double dare you," Cassie added. Sara grinned.

"You're on." She plunged into the sticky mass and set about identifying everyone involved.