Author: Piph
Techno-Dann sighed appreciatively. "You ladies are pretty good at this."

"Thank you," came a muffled voice.

"Mm, Miah, less talk, more fun!" said Bryn from somewhere left of Dann.

About then, the door opened, and BattleHamster walked into the sea of naked women.

"Um, I'll just be going," he stuttered, and turned to leave.


"Yeah, Piph?"

"Grab him, will you? Makari is getting tired."

Gen reached out of the mass and pulled BattleHamster into the fray, giggling.

Makari sighed, moving out of the guy's way, only to be pulled over by Honu_Wahine.

Some undeterminable amount of time later, Doctorlit opened the door.



"If he jumps in, do I still have to grab him?"

"Nah, just make sure he gets his clothes off."