Author: Jack117
In the wee hours of the morning a white-furred hand emerged from a mass of sleeping female flesh, searching blindly for something. It grasped the neck of a large bottle, and the body the arm was attached to emerged from the pile, dull green eyes blearily looking over the empty container.
"Why's the rum always gone?" the arctic fox muttered to himself, tossing the empty bottle away and standing up unsteadily. "Ah, that's why," he replied to himself before pulling a flask from between the bosom of a passed-out girl and downing the contents. He needed to go on a booze run, he could feel his perpetual buzz fading. Sighing loudly, he grabbed a pair of pants and shook off the grasping hands on his legs begging him to come back to the cuddle puddle.

"The source of my recovery. Sweet shadow taking hold of the light, another day has been devoured Calling me away, begging the question why..." Jack sang along softly to himself as he listened to his MP3 player. Despite having the attention span of an ADHD child who has just discovered Monster Energy drink he still needed music as a distraction in HQ. He sang along to Disturbed as he wound his way around the labyrinthine corridors, stopping cold in surprise as he picked up the distinct smell of mating.

Turning down the corridor the waft originated from, Jack's nose led him to a broom closet in the He definitely heard the sounds of a rather... intense... session of lovemaking going on inside, and having the better sense not to interrupt, turned to continue on his way. Besides, booze called.

Meanwhile in the closet, the two paused as they heard the footsteps.
"Ah, I think someone is coming Barid," Neshomeh commented, pulling a strand of hair out of her sweaty face.
"Yeah, its me," Barid replied with a lecherous grin.