Author: JulyFlame
RosieAzrael caught sight of a twinkle of rainbow sequins, and, rather intrigued, went in to go see.

Within the room, Bronwyn was struggling to sew sequins to a bustier, sitting by a large pile of the things. She looked rather sweet.

"I thought the candyman came by." Rosie grinned widely.

She looked up, and waved, flailingly. "Hi, Rosie!" She squeaked.

"What're you doing there?" Rosie leaned against the frame of the doorway.

"I'm trying to work on my costume. But it's going to take forever at this rate!"

"What for?"

"Columbia, from Rocky Horror," she said, looking up at Rosie. Her bright blue and closely cut hair contrasted against her pale skin. Rosie could imagine her easily with red hair. "July said I'd be able to pull it off. My mom agrees. So I'm going to try and get this done in time for a con! Even if it kills me!"

"Don't you panic, I'm sure you'll get it done."

"I think I need help! Some sort of assistant!"

"Well, if you need some help," Rosie walked into the room properly, "I don't know about sweet transvestites, but I can definitely help if you want a sweet transsexual."