Author: Sergio Turbo
Hoist By Her Own Petard
Phobos was wandering around half naked, looking for his clothes, when he met Miah.

"Phobos, tell me that you are not under Lustin influence!"
"At this very moment not. But, now that I think about it, I probably was for quite a while. You have nothing to do with it, right?"
"Er... no."
"Alright, I have to find my clothes."

Phobos turned around, only to be glomped by Miah.

"What are you doing?"
"Don't know, I felt the need to glomp someone."

When they separated Miah was very embarrassed, and Phobos was going to tell her that everything was OK when he felt a sting on his back. Suddenly, being glomped wasn't that bad.

"You're beautiful when you're embarrassed, you know?

He embraced her, and they went in the nearest empty room. After all, for a while he wasn't going to need his clothes.

Few meters away Sergio carefully inspected one of the darts he previously had loaded in his sniper rifle.

"Are these things really this powerful? Well, it explains why I was singing on that stage. And why not one, but two girls thought that I was sexy. After all, I can't sing at all."

Sergio shook his head and went away. Two targets down, a lot more to go...