Author: Miah
Caddy-shack and ???
Miah finally made it back to her Secret and Unfindable Cushion Fort. How had that Lustin managed to spread through the nearly the entire Board? Not that she was complaining about the performance of the Powerful Plover Collaborative. She'd especially liked Phobos' kilt.

She'd been unable to find Bryn again, and though she'd heard of various sightings of her actual target, Caddy-shack, she'd not seen him either.

After several minutes of no one passing by the Fort, Miah was beginning to get bored. Then, finally, she spotted him. Caddy-shack. He was already naked and covered with sucker marks. Hmm. Maybe Bryn had already found him?

Caddy was moving slowly down the hall, carefully checking each window before walking past, while still staring at it. Miah waited until he was in the optimal spot for her to shoot him with her tranquilizer darts. This spot just happened to be directly in front of a window. Miah flicked a switch.

Caddy screamed--in a totally not a girly shriek sort of way--and then yelled, "Slender-Miah-n!! Nooo--"

His words were cut off by his collapse in an unconscious heap. Miah chuckled only slightly maniacally as she grabbed Caddy's feet and dragged him through a secret door into a room.

After adding giant sucker marks across Caddy's chest with a special vacuum cleaner attachment, Miah used a spoon to launch vanilla pudding at him. Then she stuck tufts of fur to him, and left the RA she'd stolen from her agents next to him. The last two addresses programmed into it were the Giant Squid fic and somewhere in a Redwall badfic (not That Series).

By this time, Caddy was starting to wake up. Miah took the neuralizer that she had also stolen from her agents and with her eyes closed tightly said, "Caddy!" flash She opened her eyes and saw that Caddy was in the post-neuralized suggestible state.

"Wow! You really have a thing for cephalopods, Caddy-shack! I can't believe you wanted the Giant Squid after all those little ones! And where'd you pick up the fur?"

Caddy looked like he was about to deny it when he saw the giant sucker marks. "Uh-no?"

Miah was trying, somewhat less than successfully, to stifle fully maniacal laughter.

"I-I don't remember?"

"Well, I'm just going to be going now," Miah said as she went out the door.

The door closed and Caddy heard veritable howls of laughter from the hall.

"Why do I smell vanilla pudding?" he said to no one in particular.