Author: Phobos
A newbie's tale
Arrow hesitantly opened the door to the Board. The noises coming from inside were slightly worrying. "Um... Hello?" he called as he walked a few steps onto the Board. "Is there anyone here? I'm Arrow. I'm new here and I wanted to introduce myself."

The sounds of several people giggling from the shadows made him rethink his plan. He turned to the door only to find that a very naked woman was closing the it.

"Welcome to the Board," she said with a smile. "You picked a great time to join us. I'm JulyFlame." She walked over to Arrow and began working on the buttons of his shirt.

"Hey, hold on," he stammered, backing away. "This is not what I expected."

"I'm just giving you your newbie gift," July answered, moving closer to the startled newbie. "I'm sure others will be giving you gifts as well."

"You bet!" cried someone from the shadows. When Arrow turned around to look for the source of the voice Neshomeh, Data Junkie, Sergio Turbo, and PitViperOfDoom walked into the light. They were all naked except for PitViper who was wearing a black kilt as a shirt, which seemed a little useless due to her lack of any other clothing.

"Good to have you a-Board," said Neshomeh as they descended upon the hapless newbie.