Author: caddy-shack
Miah had finally finished laughing maniacally and was calmly walking through the Board, heading back toward her Secret and Unfindable Cushion Fort.

"Heeeeeeey Miah!" said a very familiar voice behind her.

"Hi Data," Miah said turning to face him. She felt a pair of arms snake around her waist, and Bronwyn's face appeared on her shoulder. "Miah! So good to see you!"

"H-hi Bryn!"

Miah then felt a tug on her left arm, and saw VixenMage. "Miah! I've been looking everywhere for you!"

"You -you have?" Miah was finding it difficult to concentrate when Bronwyn rubbing circles on her stomach.

"Miah! what a coincidence! I was just thinking of you!" Aster said, appearing suddenly, wrapped around Miah's right arm.

"Oh! R-really?"

"C'mon Miah, we have a little surprise for you!" VM said, lightly stroking her left arm.

"Yeah Miah, we just wanted to thank you for all the great things you been doing." Data said, now tickling under her chin.

VM, Aster, Data, and Bryn led Miah into an unoccupied room. Several wandering boarders would claim to hear sheep, and a strong smell of cinnamon coming from the room.