Author: Silv
Something Missing

"Hey Cicada! I brought coffee," Silv said cheerfully, holding up a thermos.

"Sweet!" Cicada said. "How far did you get?" She held up the book in her hand for emphasis.

"Uh. I might've finished it already?" Silv said sheepishly.

Cicada laughed. "Same. Is doctorlit here yet?"

"No, not―hey Doc!" Silv interrupted herself.

"Hey!" Doc waved. "Have you guys finished it yet?"

"Yeah―" Cicada started, but was interrupted when a surprisingly buff elf ran past, shouting something about ‘Kaitlyn, my love!'


"Seconding that. What?"

"I don't think the laws of physics are affecting his hair,"

"Oh, don't worry about that," Doc said as he sat down. "It's just Huinesoron."

"That explains nothing," Cicada said pleasantly.

"Don't you know that it's shipfest?" he asked.

"Oh, shipfest!" Silv exclaimed. "I completely forgot about it. I don't think anyone wrote about me in the last one."

"I haven't been around for a shipfest yet," Cicada said. "What are they like?"

Doc pointed to where GMA was running around, being chased by what looked a lot like a humanoid dragon.

"You'll never take me alive, shpxer!" he shouted gleefully, still running.

"It can get strange," Doc said, understating things just a bit. "You might want to watch out for corsets."

"I've been in a corset before, they're comfy," Silv said absentmindedly. "I prefer underbust corsets to full ones, though."

"Someone is probably going to write that now," Cicada pointed out.

Silv shrugged. "Are we still going back to my place for dinner?"

"Definitely. Taco night is my favorite," Doc said. "So what did you guys think of the book?"

"I like the ending," Cicada offered as Silv poured them all cups of coffee.

"The battle was really something," Silv agreed. "I especially like how all the character arcs wrapped up."

"What about the twist? I thought it was pretty good," Doc said.

Something caught fire in the background.

"Eh," Cicada said. "Could have been better."