Author: Tomash
Snakes (NSFW, tangentially NSF4M)

"So," GMA said, "we've known each other a while, and with they way you keep looking at me - you're a fan of reptiles, right?"

"Oh yes," doc replied, "snakes and lizards and crocodiles, they're all wonderful. Unless they bite."

GMA started standing up from the chair he'd been sitting it. "Wanna see my ... trouser snake?"

"I don't think I've heard of trouser snakes before, but I'd be very interested in learning."

GMA finished getting up and rather unceremoniously dropped his trousers, exposing his throbbing, yearning manhood.

"Oh," doctorlit said, glancing at GMA's member. "I can sow you something much more impressive."

"Hm?" GMA purred curiously.

"Oh yes, I can show you a whole world of wondrous snakes." doctorlit replied, rather excited. "I've been meaning to offer for a while."

"Do go on," GMA said, his rod stiffening.

"Well, first you'll need to put your clothes back on." doctorlit said. GMA pulled his pants back up, a bit confused by where this was going. "And then I'll show you my snakes! And my lizards! And all the critters!"

"Sure," GMA said unsteadily, unsure if he was being turned down or not.

And so, a while later, doc was giving GMA a zoo tour, with particular attention paid to the reptile collections, since GMA was, after all, a lizard wizard. GMA even got the opportunity to handle some snakes, really caress them and feel their firm bodies ... and also give a python a rat. Sadly, the dik-diks were feeling shy, so those puns never went off.

Eventually, it had gotten late, and doc had somehow run out of critters to enthusiastically show off to GMA (who was very much enjoying himself throughout), and the two of them went back to wherever they'd been.

"Just to check," GMA asked, after they'd gotten back from the zoo, "were you turning me down for sexytimes earlier?"

"Wait what?" doctorlit replied, freezing up a bit. "That's what you were getting at? I thought you were making a weird joke and wanted to see my snakes. Maybe that you'd been corrupted by all the badfic."

"The fact that I took my pants off wasn't a big giveaway?"

"... yeah, not sure how i missed that. Pretty obvious mating display." doc said. "So, uh, sure, maybe next weekend? Not tonight though, I have work tomorrow and need to get some sleep."

"Works for me," GMA said, turning to head out the door.

"Actually, wait, one more thing," doc said. "I, uh, have ... two, like some lizards. It doesn't really come up, but you just asked."

"That's no problem," GMA said. "I know a whole lot about lizard secks, and I'll be sure to brush up before I see you again."

doctorlit sighed in relief, then yawned. "Good. I'll see you around then."