Author: Silv
Mothboi [borderline NSFW]

Voyd was flying through a generic, undescribed forest, because he was a mothboi and that's what mothbois do.

It so happened that he stumbled (metaphorically, of course) upon someone wandering through the forest.

"Hello!" Voyd said cheerily as he landed, then squeaked and had to restrain himself from glomping them. "Astolfo!*"

"Oh, hi!" Astolfo said, just as cheerful as Voyd and not at all put out by the admittedly adorable squeak. "Say, do you know how'ta get outta here?"

Voyd reigned in his urge to hug and cuddle and [explicit content redacted, because this is a wholesome minecraft server]. "Uhm, no, but if you walk long enough it might let you out?"

"Aw maaaan," Astolfo groaned, sagging a bit before perking up. "Hey, can you walk with me?"



And so they started walking.

"Say..." Astolfo said, looking like he had something illicit on mind. "How good are your hugs?"

"Soft and warm," Voyd said immediately, miming a hug with his arms as his wings flapped gently.

Then he nearly got bowled over by Astolfo glomping him. Thankfully, Astlfo was in mundane clothes.

"You're right!" Astolfo exclaimed.

Voyd did not restrain his squeed of cuteness overload, and wrapped Astolfo in all four of his mothfuzz covered arms.

Astolo grinned mischievously, standing up on his tip-toes and licking Voyd's neck sexily.

Voyd gasped, some other body part rhyming with ‘stick' rising as his eyes widened. Carefully, he ducked down and pressed a chaste kiss against Astolfo's lips. Astolfo nipped at his bottom lip and explored Voyd's pink cavern, which devolved into a contest of tongues battling for dominance.

When they surfaced for air Astolfo slipped his hands under Voyd's shirt, caressing his smooth flesh. A seductive smirk sat on his lips.

Voyd gasped again, then grinned as well and got to work. Four arms was four times the pleasure, after all.

Astolfo ran a hand up Voyd's back to the base of his wings. Even as he moaned, one of Voyd's hands went down Altolfo's skirt and he was making delightful sounds of pleasure as well.

Astolfo pushed Voyd against a tree, and from there clothing was discarded at a very quick rate.