Author: Tomash
Homestuck [fluff]

There was a knock on the door to Ix's flat.

"Mm?" they mumbled from bed.

There were a few more knocks.

"Open," was all Ix could manage, being quite sick and out of energy. Whoever was knocking let themselves in and then opened a few interior doors, trying to find something. Meanwhile, Ix sat up so maybe it'd be slightly easier to get out of bed if they absolutely had to.

Soon, the mysterious visitor opened the door to Ix's room. It was ... Remus Lupin!

Wait, no, sorry, wrong shipfic. Let's try that again.

It was ... hS! He was carrying a rather large pot.

"Heard you weren't feeling well, Ix," the tall, fair elf said. "I brought soup."

Ix coughed a few times. "Y'know you're gonna get sick, right?" they asked.

"I'm an elf," hS said. "We don't get sick. So I brought soup."

"Thanks," Ix said, as brightly as they could manage. "This'll help."

"And that's why I brought it over."

"Do me a favor?" Ix asked.


"Can you get me a bowl from the kitchen? Getting up's hard."

"No problem." Huinesoron set the soup down and went out into the kitchen. A bunch of searching through cabinets later, he found a bowl and spoon and brought them back to Ix. He then poured some soup and carefully handed it to Ix.

"This is real good," Ix said, after they'd had some mildly miraculous elven cooking[1]. "You're a good friend, hS."

"You too, Ix," hS said. "Hope you get better soon."

[1] The narrator would like to specifically note that Gandalf was kept well away from this soup