Author: Tomash
An Unusual Hoard
GMA maneuvered his car up a windy, dusty mountain road, a bag full of books in his trunk next to the groceries. He eventually reached a remote cave that, oddly enough, had a power line running into it. In fact, the cave seemed lived-in: there was a pair of maxlboxes and a painted-on address by right-hand side of the entrance.

GMA got out of the car and grabbed the sack of books he'd bought down in town from the trunk. "Hey Doc!" he shouted into the cave as he walked in.

"Did you bring more booksssss?" a voice growled from the depths.

"Sure did!" GMA yelled back.He started walking down the slope into the main part of the cave. As he made his way to the large main chamber of his cave, he walked past his apartment, which was just a pile of side chambers with a door labeled ‘B' blocking the front. GMA liked his place. Sure, it was pretty out of the way, but it was spacious, cheap (even though the rent was in a rather unusual currency), and Doc was a very good friend.

After entering the cave, he froze. The big black dragon who lived in apartment A was still sometimes intimidating, even though he knew full well that doctorlit was a very nice guy. He just happened to be a dragon. An extremely handsome (and kinda cute) nerdy dragon who liked books.

GMA snapped out of it, took the bag of books, opened it, and set it on the ground in front of him. Doc stepped forward a few times, and started sniffing at the rent.

"Yesssss," he said, "booksssss. Fresh booksssss. Wonderful bookssssss."

"I got a whole bunch of stuff," GMA said.

"Yesssssss," Doc hissed. "My pressssious bookssssses."

"You're doing the Gollum thing again, doc."

Doc shook his head. "Yes, but booksssss. I needs them. Mine. Mine!" He grabbed the bag with a very hand-like claw and pulled it with him deep into the cave

GMA sighed. "Do you want to snuggle up and read later?" he called into the inner depths of the cave.

"Booksssss!" the dragon replied. Doc evidently wasn't in the mood.

"Ok, maybe tomorrow then." GMA replied as he went home.

"Bookssss." came a faint reply from the depths of the cave. "Booksssss."

"Never change, Doc," GMA said quietly, "Never change."