Author: Thoth
Everyone Wants a Bad Girl (NSFA/NSFST)
You are listening to Multiverse Monitor Radio! Up next: They say the Spirit of Badfic came to Geema that night. That they joined together in some sacred ritual. And that we may never know what truly happened between them.

In reality... The Spirit of Badfic recorded the whole thing as blackmail material. And then gave us the tape! Let's have a listen...

[Muffled] You're all terrible, and nobody likes you!

I SAID, let's have a listen!

[Tape begins to play]

[Ruffling sheets]

"Mmm... You're a bad boy, aren't you? You like to watch me... do things like this, and this..."

"Euurgh... you're so naughty... how could you do that to a character? F!Harry's just lusting after men now..."

"Oh, I know I'm naughty. But you just eat it up, don't you? You can't help yourself. I'm perfection. The Alpha to your Omega. Look at you, you're practically drooling at my scent."

[Soft growl]

"I know. You deface everything you touch, my love. And the more you do, the more I love you."

"Just look at you, sitting there... so desirous of me, searching for me almost constantly... How about I make Harry a Dragon next? No... that's too tame. A Dracken. And he's forced to mate with his dominant partners."

"You always manage to surprise me. Your horror is beautiful. But... what else have you been thinking of?"

"Oh... so many things. But I was thinking next of Alduin. Making him be romanced by yet another avatar of me. In human form, of course-why should I have to think about draconic anatomy? Then again... that's another idea. Have the Dovahkiin forced beneath a dragon, make him bear the Dragon's eggs..."

[Wet kissing sound]

"Mmm... But I can't help but think we've been neglecting something..."

"Yes... not enough... dynamics. How about... Thor and Loki? MCU ABO. Thor, of course, on the top. And... Hmm... I think Harry could work well again. But this time, maybe with... Ah. Fenrir will do just fine. A strong man like him could use a little Omega."

"Great idea, sweetheart, but that's not what I was thinking of..."

"Oh? Then perhaps... Ah. How about we genderbend Skyrim? No... not quite evil enough. All female then. With tentacles. And also futanari. The Japanese market is growing, after all..."

"Ah... you disgust me. And I love it, my sweet doll."

"You are, as always, my one true mate. Chosen from birth to be mine, and mine alone."

"Oh... urrgh. How... horrible. Say it again."

"You. Are. Mine."


"...Besides. I have to give you something to horrify them with. Otherwise, they may stop fearing me."