Author: Iximaz

Iximaz rocked back on her heels nervously, pink blushes spreading on her cheeks. "I was just wondering..."

"What is it, Ixi-kun?" Delta Juliette slowly turned around in her aerials hoop, silky purple hair splayed around her like a halo.

Iximaz felt her nose start to bleed and she fell over, feet in the air. "N-nothing, Delta-senpai! I just wanted to tell you your form is perfect! Aaa! It's too perfect! I can't help myself!"

Delta laughed and turned right side up. "Oh, Ixi-kun, you're so kawaii," Delta said, batting her eyelashes. "Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu!"

Iximaz sat up, holding her hands over her nose. "Anata ga yaru?"

"Mochiron!" Delta dropped gracefully down from her hoop and approached Iximaz, grabbing her hands. "Kisu shite kuremasu ka?"

Iximaz nodded and leaned in. "Anata wa totemo kanpekidesu," she whispered when they broke apart.

Delta smiled. "I know."