Author: Thoth, Iximaz
Magic: The Gathering Ship
I'll Tap That
"Hey, guys!" cried Thoth, walking into the lounge. "Check this out!" He set down the large cardboard box he was carrying on a table. "I have new boosters!"

Phobos ambled over from a nearby table. "Oh? What set?"

"That's the best part." Thoth grinned. "These are from Unrealized. It's an un-set consisting of cards that don't exist. I got DoSAT to pull it over from like six different alternate realities. It's gonna be sweet!"

"That actually does sound pretty interesting." Phobos said. He sat down. "Wanna play draft?"

"That was the plan," said Thoth. He looked around the lounge. "Granz, you play Magic, right? Are you in?"

The other boarder shrugged, pulling up a chair to the table. "Sure!" He looked around the lounge. "Is anyone else gonna play?"

"Actually, I might." Another player strolled over.

Thoth wrinkled his brow. "Uh... who are you?"

"Thoth, that's AC." Granz said. "Oh... I guess you two haven't really met, have you..."

"Oh, AC!" Thoth looked down. "Sorry I didn't recognize you..."

AC gave a genial shrug. "It's fine. Anyways, let's get this started! Pass me a booster, would ya?"


It was a tight game. Down to the last round. Phobos was in the lead on lifecount, but there wasn't a man who had 5 life left. And it was Granz's turn. He blushed, his tone extremely apologetic. "I'm... really sorry about this... but I don't know what else to play..."

Thoth looked at him. "Whatever, man! It's fine! What's the issue?"

Granz just blushed harder. "Do you mind if things get a bit... Not Safe For Work around here?"

The table was dead silent for a moment.

"Uh... I'm cool with that," said AC. "Assuming nobody else minds..."

Thoth did his best to conceal a mischievous grin. "Weelll... I'm certainly not complaining..."

Phobos shrugged. "Why not? It's shipfest, after all..."

At the other players approval, Granz regained a bit of his composure. "Well then," he said, his voice taking on a silky, smooth tone. He was clearly savouring the moment as he tapped the last of his lands. "I summon..." He played his card, and everyone crowded in to get a proper look.

Daring Incubus {2RR}
Creature-Animal of Desire
When Incubus is summoned, all other players must perform a sexual act with the player who summoned Incubus, or lose five life.
"You dare to summon me? Well then... I'll be sure to make it worth your while..."

For a moment, there was dead silence around the table. Then Phobos broke it. "Well... this will be interesting..."

AC just glanced around the table eagerly.

"So," said Thoth, not even bothering to conceal his grin. "Who starts?"
"Oh boys... I heard you were about to start the fun without me?" the Incubus purred as he was summoned into the room.

"Iximaz?" Thoth gasped, starting at the corset-and-fishnet clad devil before him.

Iximaz smoothed down his hair and smirked. "Indeed, though you can call me Ixcubus. I wasn't about to let you have all the fun without me, was I?" He walked toward the stunned group, stroking Phobos' manly beard as he passed. He stopped in front of Granz, smiling down at him. "I hear you're the one who summoned me," he said, bending down to press a long, slow, lingering kiss to Granz's lips.

"Does the Incub-Ixcubus also have to participate?" AC asked, eyes going wide when Ixcubus trailed a finger over his ear..

"Oh, baby, I'm going to be right in the middle of all the action," Ixcubus said, planting his hands on his hips, thrusting one hip out slightly. "Now... which one of you lovely boys gets to attend my summoner first? Or all together works, too. I'm not picky." He smiled invitingly.

Phobos stood up, pulling off his shirt, and Granz was soon buried under a pile of squirming bodies.