Author: Tomash
Meta Shipping
A man in a red suit with way too many guns and swords on him was sitting in a rather featureless white void.

"Hey. You." he said, turning to the man that was somehow there. "Birdie."

"Eh?" Huinesoron asked, turning his head.

"Your name means 'eagle shadow' in Quenya," Deadpool clarified. "which is just way too pretentious if you ask me. So, birdie."

"Deadpool?" Huinesoron asked, very confused. "The heck is going on here?"

"You should know, you're the idiot who's -" Deadpool paused. "Actually, no, you're not writing this."

"Why are you in my house?" Huinesoron said.

Deadpool had fully materialized near Huinesoron at this point. "Well, you've been having such a good time writing me, and I started looking around. There's some sort of Shipfest going on around here, and I thought we could have some ... other sort of fun."

"I'm married." Huinesoron objected.

Deadpool pulled out a phone and started reading through the Board. "Says here you've been sleeping with just about everyone."

"Huh. Good point." Huinesoron said, glancing down at the floor.

"So, whatddya say to the best lovin' you've ever had, courtesy of me, birdie?"

Huinesoron scratched his head for a moment. "Sure. Sounds like a fun way to spend an evening."

"That's the spirit!" exclaimed Deadpool. "Your bedroom, or do you want me to bug the author for something more exotic?"

"Let's just stay in my apartment." Huinesoron replied. "I don't want to break the fourth wall any more than it has been already."

The pair of soon-to-be-lovers headed to Huinesoron's room and closed the door, which had the convenient side effect of keeping the narrator from seeing any of the details of whatever they were up to. A minute or so after they'd gone in, Deadpool's voice came from within the room: "Those are some sexy sexy abs, birdie."

"Can you stop calling me birdie?" Huinesoron said, irritated. "That's Thoth's nickname."

"Ugh. Fine. How about I go with feathers?"

"That's OK, I guess."

"So, what do you think of inviting this Thoth guy to this?"

"Maybe later." Huinesoron said. "Let's get back to that massage though. It's been great."

"Obviously. I'm the one giving it."

"Obviously." Huinesoron and Deadpool could be heard kissing, and then the scene faded to black.