Author: Zingenmir
Time Lords!
"Really," Desdendelle said. It was a short form of his name; what the full thing was, eatpraylove had never dared to ask. "You found a watch think it's hers?"

"I know it's mine," eatpraylove cut in before the Eminence Grise could reply. "I've had it all my life; I just never really thought it was important."

"It is," said the Eminence Grise urgently. "It's very important." She turned to Desdendelle. "We can't let her open it."

"What?" Desdendelle frowned at them both. "Of course we should. This is just a disguise! She's not--" He fell silent, casting a guilty look at eatpraylove.

The Eminence Grise glared at him. "Of course she's bloody well real," she said, wrapping an arm around eatpraylove's shoulders. "Just because she happens to also be a Time Lord in disguise doesn't mean she's not real. What sort of manners were you taught?"

Desdendelle sighed. "None, apparently," he said dryly. "Please forgive me, eatpraylove. I didn't mean it like--"

"No, I know," said eatpraylove. She took a deep breath. "So, I'm...also a Time Lord?"

The other two nodded.

Eatpraylove considered this. "...does this mean I could finally keep up with the two of you?" she asked slyly. At their nods she shrugged, and tugged the watch out of the Eminence Grise's hand. "Well, here's to stamina," she said, and flicked open the watch.

Desdendelle walked backwards, grimacing; the Eminence Grise stumbled away with a cry. Both watched as golden light flared around eatpraylove.

Finally, it faded, and the empty watch dropped to the floor.

"Whew," said the Time Lord who had been eatpraylove. She stretched out her arms and then turned in a full circle. "Well. That's different!" She grinned at Desdendelle and the Eminence Grise. "So! Anyone for a cup of tea? I remember you like that."

"...I suppose that's a start," said Desdendelle slowly. "Come. I'll show you where the kitchen is...Em?"

The Eminence Grise gathered herself together and walked hesitantly back towards the former eatpraylove. "Tea. Right. Let's."

The newly returned Time Lord patted her on the shoulder when she got close enough. "Don't worry, Eminence," she said with a wink. "I'm sure we'll get along just fine..."