Author: Granz
Rivers of Tears
Most people run from tears. If a thing makes them sad, they drown themselves in television, ice cream, and music until the pain goes away. A rare few, however, charge headlong for it. Such were Scapegrace and Iximaz, elegant Mistress and Master of Angst. They wielded the twin powers of hope and despair, teasing their trembling foes with the faintest ray of hope before once more pressing downwards with the weight of the despair they conjured. Indeed, there came a time when these most powerful mages ceased to loose their full power upon the land, because, honestly, the battles were getting a little boring.

However, each held in their hearts one who could never bore them, one whom they would never use their powers to attack. This one, of course, was each other, whom they loved more than any other. However, just because they didn't use their powers against one another, didn't mean they never struck at each other. Indeed, on many a night, their servants could hear the cries of one or the other from deep in their castle, cries that they would have sworn to be of pain. But each morning, when they emerged from their dungeon, both were smiling broadly, and, on the rare occasion a new servant was invited to join them, they, too, would emerge with a grin and reassurances that they could not possibly be better. Thus reassured, the servants would go about their business, and the sounds of the pleasures of Scapegrace and Iximaz would fill the castle on what would otherwise be lonely nights once more.