Author: Granz the Ice Cream Monarch
Hide and Ship
Larfen's body smiled as it walked down a hallway of the PPC. It looked just as usual, except that its irises, which were usually a color that slipped other people's minds, were glowing pink. Its usual owner wasn't dead, or anything so horrifying as that. He was just sleeping, a very pleasurable sleep, if the Shipfest said so itself. It did manage to craft the most wonderful dreams for those who it inhabited, if only temporarily and with their consent. It had started with Granz, after being conjured by Aegis, and had then moved on to Larfen upon Granz's being shipped with him. It mentally stroked Larfen's cheek before returning to its current mission. Somebody had asked to be shipped, and who was it to deny them? It - he, at the moment - could almost see the trail leading to the door it wanted, so strong was the sense telling him where the man to be shipped rested. It didn't take him long to follow it to its source, and he knew Storme Hawk knew he was there. He had been waiting. The Shipfest grinned, then knocked on the door. It didn't open. Oh? Playing hard to get? Well, that was just fine. He had been waiting for a chance like this anyways. He opened his mouth, and began to sing.

"Ding dong, open up the door, I only want to ship a little! " he began. No response, except for a fluttering at the window next to the door. He managed to catch a glimpse of Storme Hawk, and then he caught his eyes.

"Ding dong, you can't keep me waiting, it's already too late for you to try and run away! I see you through the window. Our eyes are locked together!" As if trying to taunt him, Storme Hawk grinned slyly before turning and running deeper into the apartment.

"I can sense your hunger! So, I think I'll just come closer!" He turned the doorknob. It wasn't even locked. Storme was really eager, wasn't he?

"Ding dong, hurry up and run! Let's play a little game and have fun!" There were three doors Storme could have gone through. Now, which one to choose...? The Shipfest closed the front door behind him and locked it while thinking about where to go next. He knew Storme Hawk had to be smirking.

"Ding dong, where is it you've gone to? Do you think you've won? Our game of hide and seek has just begun! " He fell silent for a moment. What was that? A whisper of sound? Yes. Perfect. He grinned, and turned to the door on the right.

"I can hear your footsteps, thumping loudly through the hallways! " He heard a laugh. It had been intentional, and Storme Hawk was apparently quite happy he'd caught it, not that that was all that surprising.

"I can hear your sharp breaths! You're not very good at hiding! " he chided, picking up his pace as he received a more accurate picture from the man, who seemed to be unable to hide his laughter.

"Just wait, you can't hide from me! " the Shipfest called. Storme Hawk laughed again. "I'm coming, " he murmured to himself, grinning at the innuendo, before calling out to the other man once again. Another laugh. This should be a good way to track him. He didn't have far to go, before he arrived at what he knew had to be a dead end. The sign reading "Storme Hawk's Room" on the door would've clued anyone in, really.

"Knock knock, I am at your door now, I am coming in, no need for me to have Permission! " he said, shoving the door open and hearing a quiet laugh. Well, now he knew where Storme was.

"Knock knock, I'm inside your room now. Where is it you've hid? Our game of hide and seek's about to end! " Another laugh. The Shipfest looked at the bed appreciatively. Very comfortable-looking, and big enough for four. He wondered who else Storme Hawk anticipated joining him in the future.

"I'm coming closer. Looking underneath your bed, but-" He bent down to look under the bed, and although there was room enough under there that he wondered if Storme was planning on bringing somebody under his bed as well as into it, he wasn't there, as expected.

"You're not here, I wonder..." The Shipfest stood up and surveyed the room, playfully tapping his chin before crying out, "Could you be inside the closet? " He pointed at the door, and the laugh that answered him confirmed what he had suspected before.

"Ding dong, I have found you! Ding dong, you were hiding here! "

"Now let's ship, " Storme replied, shoving the door open and clambering out. The Shipfest grinned at what he saw. He supposed Storme must have had some time to undress, since he hadn't bothered being sneaky.

"Ding dong, finally found you dear, " he whispered, pulling the man into his arms. He looked up into hazel eyes and smiled.

"Now let's ship, " Storme Hawk said, pulling him to the bed. The Shipfest shook his head, and indicated to him that he needed him to wait for a moment.

"Ding dong, looks like I have won, " he said. Storme Hawk rolled his eyes.

"Now let's ship, " he insisted, and this time, the Shipfest relented, even pushing Storme Hawk onto the bed and climbing on top of him.

"Ding dong, pay the consequence, " he said, staring into hazel eyes with his own pink ones. Storme Hawk knew exactly what he meant, and was happy to oblige. It was a most joyful consequence, after all, as, being the Shipfest, the Shipfest had plenty of experience. Sometime during the obliging, a question was asked, and answered in the affirmative. When Larfen's body was spent, there was a soft hum, then a slight whistling sound. As Larfen lay on the bed, peacefully dreaming, Storme Hawk stood up and grinned. His eyes glowed pink. "Ding dong, looks like I have won. Now I'm it. " He felt another tug. Somebody else wanted to be shipped. His grin broadened. "Ding dong, pay the consequence. "