Author: Iximaz
World of Shipcraft!
"You're crazy," foofooman3 declared. "Alliance is clearly better than Horde. I mean, have you seen PVP in Alterac Valley? We stomp you nine times out of ten."

"Yeah, but Horde Bias is a thing for a reason," Phobos countered, leaning against the table so his forearms, which were ripped not unlike his character's, were brought to the foreground. foofooman3's eyes fixed on them. "I mean, we did get several expansions heavily featuring our side's major lore figures. And what did you get? Crazy Jaina flipping out over Theramore getting bombed, and... that's it?"

foofooman3 sighed and leaned forward so he was almost nose-to-nose with Phobos. "You really wanna go there?" he growled.

"I'll go wherever I want," Phobos countered, and leaned in to kiss him.

foofooman3 kissed him back eagerly. "Guess you're not that bad out of the game," he said slightly breathlessly, "since you don't have those giant tusks to get in the way. Say..." He paused, running a slender, delicate finger down his boyfriend's chest. "If your left leg is Kalimdor and your right leg is the Eastern Kingdoms, may I meet you at Northrend?"

Phobos' eyes twinkled. "Depends on what part," he said. "After all, I do hear rogues do it from behind..."

And they kissed on through the night, their passion burning brighter than the fires of Mount Hyjal.