Author: Huinesoron
2015 Official Ship List
Kaitlyn/Iximaz/Desdendelle/PoorCynic - our new PGs.
Kaitlyn/JulyFlame - the two non-voting Barons of Plort
Huinesoron/Kaitlyn - canon/Because I need to make up for what the Knight Jumper said in Plort.
SkarmorySilver/Iximaz - our two ridiculously prolific writers/Pokemon agent users/collabs
PoorCynic/Phobos - theirloveissoconcrit
Neshomeh/Phobos - also canon
Iximaz/TheShyIon - Big-and-Little-Sib Ship (Sibcest?)
Kaitlyn/VixenMage - well, I [Huinesoron] ship it. ^_^
Kaitlyn/VixenMage/Araeph/Techno-Dann - the inactive Permission Givers
Caddy-Shack/Miah - cowriter ship!
Desdendelle/Neshomeh - this ship is a tea clipper/they both love tea
Hieronymus Graubart/SkarmorySilver - very loooong names
SkarmorySilver/TheShyIon/EileenAlphabet/SeaTurtle - CamelCaseShip
bluefa02/foofooman3 - theirloveissoalphanumeric
Storme Hawk/Huinesoron - 'cos bird shipping (also if you want more of an excuse they're the first two people to reply to this).
Iximaz/Darkotas- Canon
Darkotas/foofooman3- Brocrushin'
foofooman3/TheShyIon- both Iximaz's siblings (just in different senses)
SkarmorySilver/World-Jumper- both guys Iximaz has done co-writes with
SkarmorySilver/eatpraylove- they had a nice co-write
World-Jumper/Iximaz - co-write
Iximaz/Her pencil - canon
SeaTurtle/PoorCynic - first two foofooman3 thought of
Darkotas/Phobos - World of Warcraft
Huinesoron/SkarmorySilver/Storme Hawk - birds
Huinesoron/Iximaz - I see this as kind of a mentoring-related ship, with the rise of someone to greatness as their lover looks on, proud as can be of how far they've come.
Storme Hawk/SkarmorySilver - birb birb birb birb birb birb birb birb BIRB BIRB BIRB BIRB BIRB BIRB BIRB BIRB-
SkarmorySilver/Herr Wozzeck - Our resident purveyors of missions that go on for-bleedin'-ever. They like it loooooong~ >;oD/'his writing was one of the reasons for my joining the PPC in the first place; if he ever comes back I would like to co-write with him as well.'
Huinesoron/Scapegrace - Scapegrace would so be a tsundere.
Neshomeh/Tungsten_Monk - cowrite
Iximaz/PoorCynic - makes sense in Desdendelle's head, but not anywhere else.
Iximaz/Iximax - minishipping ho
Iximaz/Scapegrace - name-changes
Scapegrace/Hieronymus Graubart - The other Culture people
Hieronymus Graubart/Herr Wozzeck - both connected to Germany in my head
Huinesoron/Elven languages - no idea how that will work. Why are you asking?
hS/sjosten/TheShyIon/Caddy-Shack/Gigglet/Data Junkie/Iximaz - For those who may have taken Shipverse: Inhibitions a bit too seriously.
Neshomeh/Fish Custard/EileenAlphabet/Voyd/eatpraylove/sjosten/DawnFire/World-Jumper/Iximaz/Desdendelle/SkarmorySilver/Darkotas/dragon master 7/firemagic - Something goes wrong (or is it right?) at the first PPC fic awards.
Storme Hawk/The Irish Samurai - because Desdendelle always confuses the two in his head
TheShyIon/every single Boarder all at once
Huinesoron/the Elven Feet Pole - the worse Cargo Ship ever
female!Edhelistar/Huinesoron/Elcalion - because Elvish usernames
Neshomeh/Huinesoron - That should be self-explanatory. ;)
Phobos/Kaitlyn - That should be self-explanatory. ;)
Voyd/Iximaz - I'm not sure why but you two are kinda linked together in [firemagic's] head.
SkarmorySilver/World-Jumper - for being the last two people to make RPs on the Other Board.
firemagic/Edhelistar - Because he just gave [Iximaz] a Lava Cookie... and lava, fire... you know.
Iximax/Huinsoren - a ship between minis because minis need love too.
SkarmorySilver/Al's Waiter - Skarm's complaining ^_~
SkarmorySilver/Kaitlyn - Skarm's complaining ^_~
SkarmorySilver/Araeph - Skarm's complaining ^_~
SkarmorySilver/Shadow - Skarm's complaining ^_~
World-Jumper/Voyd - I swear that one made sense when I thought it out... Uh... They both have a human/nonhuman agent pair? Yeah, let's go with that./Because jumping over a world lands you in the arms of the void.
SeaTurtle/Desdendelle - It also made sense when I came up with it... In that case, it's even more embarrassing since that was only a few seconds ago. Maybe it's because of the RP? Yeah, let's go with that (bis).
Iximax/DesDenDelle - Miniship! Well, maybe, if capitalisation minis count.
domirossi/female!Edhelistar - I dunno, your names are fun to say.
female!Edhelistar/World-Jumper - I call it a 'Space Ship'. Because one has a name with star in in, and the other jumps worlds!
Storme Hawk/TheShyIon - Makes me think of custom units in Command and Conquer.
bluefa02/firemagic - Makes me think or Red vs Blue. If they were individuals, instead of teams of soldiers, that is.
Scapegrace/shark - Because now I can't get the idea of a Tsundere Shark shipping out of my head.
World-Jumper/Shark - because sharks.
World-Jumper/shank - because it rhymes.
World-Jumper/An actual shark - would be... Interesting.
World-Jumper/Bruce (the shark)
Shark-Jumper/World-Jumper - This thread didn't need much of a jump start, but it never hurts!
Caddy-Shack/World-Jumper - Because you clearly have a thing for him, putting him in three of your five ships. Is it the hyphen? It's the hyphen, isn't it?
domirossi/Sergio Turbo - I have no idea if either or both of you are Italian, but for the purposes of this ship, you are. I expect there to be pasta.
TheShyIon/an actual shy ion - Probably something like manganese VII; it's got a lovely pink blush to it.
Iximaz/The entire board - with the way things were going it was already going to happen. I just went ahead and put it out there.
Hieronymus Graubart/Desdendelle/Neshomeh/Huinesoron/World-Jumper - since you guys kind of showed me [Iximaz] the ropes when I first joined
Huinesoron/Sergio Turbo/Neshomeh/JulyFlame - The oldest members I can spot in this thread. All in the Anti-Hyphen League, no doubt! It's a pretty irony ship.
Pretzel/Hieronymus Graubart - German Pretzels!
Pretzel/eatpraylove - Because I'm sure epl enjoys eating Pretzel's-- Oh, I'm sorry, I meant 'pretzels'. You know how typos can be.
Preztel/Doctorlit - No, I don't have any idea why that makes sense, why are you asking?
Sergio Turbo/Phobos - Their love stemmed from an argument about pizza.
Firemagic/Iximaz because Iximaz really gets around.
Firemagic/Sergio Turbo because anime, magical girls and bespectacled folks.
Iximaz/World-Jumper - because both of them really get around.
Sergio Turbo/True Italian Pizza
Des/Sergio/A Weird Tea-and-Pizza Meal
Sergio Turbo/Really Fast Cars
Pretzel/Iximaz - Because end of the alphabet love (x's and z's, represent!)
Caddy/Data - That's traditional, isn't it?
Neshomeh/Phobos/Pizza - Because I can't believe I missed a pizza debate
VixenMage/Voyd - Because we all know you're only trying to help him so he'll fall wildly in love with you, ride into town on his motorbike armoured warhorse gold-plated dragon and whisk you away to a romantic beach somewhere.
Iximaz/TheShyIon/Huinesoron/Storme Hawk/Desdendelle/JulyFlame/Darkotas/firemagic/foofooman3/Scapegrace/World-Jumper/Voyd/Kaitlyn/Neshomeh/Elcalion/domirossi/Caddy-Shack/Sergio Turbo/Phobos/VixenMage\Hieronymus Graubart\Pretzel\SeaTurtle - AKA everyone who's posted on the ship thread and hasn't (at the time of this post) said they don't mind who they're paired with (unless I've missed a post somewhere, it's a long thread, in which case sorry).
Iximaz/everyone and everything - Since she really gets around.
Iximaz/Luxury - 'Because I'm her now, I guess. :P'
Voyd/Scapegrace - Because statistics are the highest form of romance.
Iximaz/Iximaz - woo selfcest
DawnFire/Firemagic - both are fiery.
hS/The Nameless Admin - because the Nameless Admin needs love, too!
hS/an Excel spreadsheet - After all, statistics, according to him, are the highest form of romance, and who better to embody statistics than Excel (or whatever program you might use) with all its lovely charts and graphs?
Iximaz/the PPC Board - Not the people - the forum itself. Because my beloved spreadsheets show that she's far and away the most prolific poster every month.
Iximaz/alternate universe Iximaz
Neshomeh/Phobos on a bed of pizza