Author: Huinesoron
"Sacrebleu!" Iximaz batted Desdendelle's hand away. "Monsieur, you are overbold!"

"But I thought nous were having le orgy!" protested Desdendelle.

"Oui, oui, but nous should still take le time." Iximaz folded her arms primly across her bare chest. "Sacrebleu! Just because I am la naked does not mean you are allowed to la touch!"

"La DawnFire is," Desdendelle said, pointing downwards.

Iximaz followed his gesture. "Oui," she agreed, "but she is not using la hands."

"Ah! Je see." Desdendelle licked his lips. "So you are suggesting that je should not use-"

"You'd better not be planning on getting in le way," DawnFire growled, her voice somewhat muffled. "Madamoiselle Iximaz is la mine."

"Do not fret, ma dear," Iximaz said, stroking DawnFire's hair soothingly. "There is surely enough of la me to go around. Sacrebleu! Even if domirossi decides to join in, je can make la room."

Domirossi looked up from his position in the corner of the room, rolled his eyes, and said something incomprehensible.

"What did he la say?" asked Desdendelle, moving in towards Iximaz.

"Something about 'you're not speaking le French properly'," Iximaz said with a shrug. "Clearly la nonsense. Now then... yes, Desdendelle, right about there..."