Author: Huinesoron
"Oh oh oh oh oh!"

Kaitlyn looked up from her work. "Sounds like you're having a good time."

Iximaz glowered at her. "I had an idea, not an- anyway. You could glue some keys to it!"

Kaitlyn looked down at her exceptionally dapper hat. The brass cogs she'd been fastening in place took up all of one side of it, ofsetting the black fabric nicely. "Wouldn't they jam up the mechanism?"

Iximaz chuckled. "Only if you'd made it functional." She shook her head, amused, then saw Kaitlyn's half-hidden smile. "Wait... you haven't..."

"Oh but I have." Kaitlyn reached under the brim of the hat and flicked a small switch. The clockwork on the side began to whir, wheels spinning and interlocking smoothly.

"Sacrebleu," Iximaz whispered as Kaitlyn lifted the hat and placed it carefully on her head. "It's magnificent..."

"And that's not all." Kaitlyn pressed a discreet button on the side of her corset, and gleaming steel rods began to move over its surface, tracing hypnotic circles against her luscious curves. She stood up, held her arms out from her sides, and twirled, letting her long skirt flow outwards. "What do you think?"

"Beautiful," Iximaz breathed. "You're beautiful..." She flushed and coughed. "I mean it. It's beautiful." She let her gaze linger on Kaitlyn's corset for a few moments longer, then lifted her head to make eye contact. Her hand rose to brush over her own chest, her own corset. "Could you... could you make mine do the same thing?"

"Well." Kaitlyn switched off her steampunk attire and cocked her head, considering Iximaz. "Beautiful, did you say?"

"Gorgeous," Iximaz agreed. "Utterly stunning."

"Hmm." Kaitlyn walked slowly across to Iximaz, then reached out to trail a fingernail along the top of the younger woman's corset. "I'm sure I could manage something," she murmured. "But you'll have to take it off first..."