Author: Scapegrace
"I've, um... I've never worn one of these before."

There was silence, save for some faraway birdsong. Iximaz didn't really know what to do, though; all she could hear was laughter that wasn't there. How could she ever hope to compare against an elf like Kaitlyn?

In response, Kaitlyn stood up and walked very slowly towards her, languorous, gliding steps that made no sound at all. Iximaz just looked down at the floor, blushing hugely at her inexperience.

"I'm sor-"

Kaitlyn held a finger to the human girl's lips. "You haven't been around as long as me. That's fine. Don't you dare be so silly as to apologise for not having done something." With that, she took her finger away and stood closer.

"Okay," Iximaz said slowly. "Okay. I... I can do this. So, does it just, um, slip on?"

Kaitlyn just smiled. "After a fashion. Arms up." Her voice was soft, but still carried an edge of command that made Iximaz's knees weak. A sunbeam drifted through a gap in the curtains, catching the flesh of the human girl's arms as she lifted them up. Kaitlyn's hands were warm against them, gently stroking the flesh before running the unbuckled corset down the length of Iximaz's body.

"Huh. There're fasteners on it, why'd you slide it down me - oh." Iximaz felt the heat of an elvish body so close to her skin the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. "That's why."

"Yes," whispered Kaitlyn, her breath tantalisingly hot as it drifted across the younger girl's rounded ears. "It is."

More silence followed, save for the slow click-click-click of the corset's fasteners being locked in place. Iximaz almost didn't dare to breathe.

The last buckle was fastened.

"Good girl." Kaitlyn took the opportunity to move even closer, her body pressing gently against Iximaz's. "Now for the lacing."

Iximaz's cheeks flushed an even deeper crimson than before. "Won't it... won't it hurt?"

"No," Kaitlyn whispered again. "I'm ever so careful of my girls."

"Am, am I your..." Iximaz felt something rising in her chest, her heart, her soul. "Do it."

It was gentler than she expected. Iximaz's breath still caught in her throat as the laces were pulled tighter and tighter, the progress glacier-slow up her back, letting her feel the bones of the corset creak into shape. Aside from little gasps with each fresh burst of gorgeous tightness, the room was still silent.

"There now. How does that feel?"

There weren't words in the younger girl's head for how it felt. All she could do, all she could think to do, was turn around and look at Kaitlyn, her breathing slow, her heart pounding.

"Well, Iximaz?"

She leaned up on tiptoe and softly kissed the elf's lips.

"Good girl."