Author: Storme Hawk
TheShyIon/Storme Hawk
Storme Hawk peered into the room, the lone light source being a computer screen, half obscured by the other person in the room. Shaking his head Storme Hawk moved slowly into the room itself. "You know, you're not the only one who wants to Command and Conquer" He said to the other person in the room.
TheShyIon turned around. "Oh, well I'll just finish this mission then you can come on." she replied, noticing Storme Hawk was shirtless and quickly admiring his torso.
Storme Hawk laughed "Not like that, silly. Come on, I'll show you."
"ooh" TheShyIon giggled, before turning back around to pause the game. "I'm sure the game can wait, right?"
"That depends" Storme Hawk said as he started to walk back out of the room. "Which game are we talking about?"