Author: Huinesoron
Data Junkie/Caddy-Shack
Data Junkie stood in front of their desk, unable to quite believe they were there. After all these years, who would have believed that the highest office was finally theirs? It still seemed impossible, they still woke every morning expecting to be back to their old life - but there it was.

The door opened behind them, and Caddy-Shack stepped through. The secretary was almost silent on the thick carpet, but Data Junkie knew who it was. "Do you have my schedule?"

"I certainly do, sir." Data Junkie turned to watch as Caddy-Shack unrolled the sheet of paper and began to read. "At 9am, you're scheduled for riding with PoorCynic."

"I understand we'll be going up and down the hills a lot today," Data Junkie mused. "He certainly seemed to be planning that when we met last week."

"You then have a meeting with domirossi at ten to discuss certain affairs."

Data Junkie chuckled. "Yes, he was quite impatient to do so."

"Then at eleven, there's that ball game with Dragon master 7." Caddy-Shack glanced up at Data Junkie. "Is he aware that you're intending to leave early?"

"I've told him; I'm sure we'll finish all our business before I go."

"Hmm." Caddy-Shack made a quick note. "Then... ah, yes. I'm afraid Edhelistar has had to cancel your lunch; he says he'll be eating out with firemagic instead."

"Ah." Data Junkie grimaced. "Pity; I was looking forward to that. So do I have an alternate appointment?"

"I took the liberty of inviting darklordaakmal over," Caddy-Shack said, glancing again at the agenda. "You will be eating sausages, I believe."

"A filling meal," Data Junkie agreed. "And after lunch?"

"Oh, yes. At 1pm you have the tour of the new workshops. I believe you'll be receiving a demonstration of grinding from Tomash, hammering from doctorlit, and pounding from foofooman3."

Data Junkie cocked their head. "I thought there was going to be screwing with Fasoula?"

"No, Fasoula's been hospitalised; some sort of drilling accident with sjosten. I can get you the details if you like."

"It would be good to be able to express my sympathies." Data Junkie nodded. "Yes, please; I'll look them over before I head out."

Caddy-Shack jotted another note. "All right. Then at two, there's that interview with World-Jumper."

"Yes, the one where he wants to 'really get inside what it's like to be Data Junkie.'"

"And then at three, that band are very eager to have you join them in a rehearsal."

"An hour spent blowing Voyd's and Sergio Turbo's trumpets." Data Junkie rubbed their forehead. "This is shaping up to be a long day."

"At four you have one of the Ambassador's balls - I understand you'll be bumping up against Storme Hawk, rubbing shoulders with SkarmorySilver, and perhaps going down onto the floor with the likes of Hieronymus Graubart, Elcalion, and Phobos."

"Only if I can get away from Darkotas, Huinesoron, and Desdendelle," Data Junkie pointed out. "The 'big three' have plans to keep me tied up for the entire evening, I think."

"The ball should be over by eight," Caddy-Shack said. "After that, you have... ah, yes. 8pm, back to the office for wild monkey sex with me." Looking up from the sheet of paper, Caddy-Shack favoured Data Junkie with a blinding smile. "I took the liberty of pencilling that one in myself."