Author: DawnFire (Zingenmir)
"I'm out of tea." Desdendelle waved his empty cup around for emphasis. "This can't go on. Lily, this is an outrage, I need more tea!"

"Um," Lily said. She thought for a minute. "We could go crash the Boston Tea Party?"

Desdendelle groaned and lay back on the couch, cradling his empty teacup to his chest. "I'll never have another cuppa, will I..."

"Ooorrrrr..." Lily walked over, straddled him neatly, and leaned in. "We could always raid John Watson's stash." She smiled.

The soldier met her eyes, and smiled back. "That's acceptable. He does have Earl Grey, doesn't he?"

"What sort of Brit doesn't?" Lily murmured. She leaned in further, until their lips brushed. "We'll get you more tea, a minute..."