Author: Seychelles
Outhra/Lily Winterwood
Outhra woke up confused. First he was confused at the army jacket and white beret the he hadn't been wearing before, then at the short, very angry Asian girl with the circular hat and the oversized green shirt. "Hello?" he said to the girl carefully. She turn on him with an angry glare. He couldn't help but notice she looked kinda pretty that way. It didn't last long though as her faced grew calmer. Now she looked even prettier. "I'm Lily, sorry if I scared you, its just some people should know better then to combine ships" she said sweetly. There was a thump, and sounds of scuffling. The girl-Lily turned away from him " Excuse me I have to go teach Seychelles a lesson" She turned away from him cracking her knuckles as she advanced down the hall. Yup, Outhra thought to himself. He was in love.