Author: Khaosity
Silken Dawn/Tray-Gnome
Silken Dawn couldn't take it anymore. She desperately needed to feel some nuts in her hands. Tray-Gnome's nuts, to be exact. The squirrel in question was merrily scampering about its home forest, when it saw a tall shape approach. "I'm nuts about your nuts," Silken Dawn whispered. "Please show them to me." Tray-Gnome took her to a secret hiding place deep in the woods and exhibited its nuts. However, Silken Dawn frowned. "I'm sorry, but... I thought there'd be, well, more to them," she said disappointedly. "Why isn't there?" "I like to eat my nuts!", the anthropomorphized squirrel also known as Tray-Gnome exclaimed with a big grin on its face. Silken Dawn fainted. Shaking its head, the squirrel ran off, intent on securing more nuts for its food stash.