Author: Silken Dawn
Afternoon sunlight slanted down from the library's high windows. Only two remained inside at this hour, hunched over an enormous leather bound tome, united in their desire for learning.
"So you see," Khaosity explained, "it would really be 'dei ex machinae,' since you wanted to pluralize it."
Sergio Turbo nodded understandingly. He pointed to a word on the ancient Latin dictionary, but Khaosity reached at the same time, and their hands met over the well-worn pages. Two voices gasped; startled brown eyes looked into handsome and hot Italian ones.
For a moment, there was perfect silence. Then, Sergio finally found the courage to ask the question that had been burning in his mind for so long:
"Cogito ergo sum?"
Khaosity blushed furiously, but she matched his boldness. "E pluribus unum," she said, her voice like a caress.
Sergio gasped again. Could it be? "Post hoc, ergo propter hoc!" he declared. Now there could be no mistake- and no going back.
"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet!!" Khaosity cried, and threw her arms around her study partner. Soon there was nothing but a flurry of passion and clothing discarded on the library floor. She conjugated his verbs, and he made sure ALL of her adjectives agreed.