Author: KittyNoodles
Boarder party
The Board was buzzing with news of the annual Shipfest. Already close to a dozen posts had been made showcasing various Boarder ships, and the participants were cackling at their pairings or reacting with oddly tsundere-like proclamations of 'B-BUT I WOULD NEVER'.

Everyone knew the truth, of course, but this was all in good fun. At least... it was, until several Boarders decided that they actually liked their pairings and wanted to see if they had any merit and real life.

This in mind, these Boarders - and by 'these
Boarders' I mean Riese, Phobos, Neshomeh, Huinesoron, Khaosity, HerrWozzeck, and hermione of vulcan - decided to get everybody together at a physical meeting place rather than just the Board and set things up in such a way that romance would be entirely inevitable.

So they picked a totally unimportant city in an equally unimportant country and invited everybody to the first-ever Meet Your Shipficcers PPC Fest. Some people - such as Silken Dawn and DawnFire - headed straight over, while others, like firemagic, took some poking and prodding before they decided they should probably attend.

With everyone gathered there at once, the hormone level went through the roof, into space, and eventually punched a heart-shaped hole through the moon, which probably had some really bad consequences for things like the Earth's tides and the moon's orbit. But nobody cared about that, because with so many hormones absolutely nobody was able to resist their fellow Boarders and eventually a very different party went down.

Coincidentally, none who attended were ever permitted to set foot in that particular city ever again. Everyone agreed it was totally worth it.