Author: VixenMage
LaundryPile/Coconut, Caddy/Maslab
A Very Odd Discovery
"I hardly think this is the place! Or the time, someone is bound to come by sooner or-- oh. Oh. You meant that kind of fun."

"Shhh," Caddy grinned, pushing Maslab up against the thrumming washing machine. "I'm sure the laundry piles will work just fine, and no one will come in here, not with that glitter all over the door..."

Maslab leaned back against the laundry pile, stretching... and stopped, abruptly. "Soft? This feels like it's got cannonballs in!"

Caddy snickered, reaching around him for a lumpy-looking shirt. "I see what you did there."

"And - gah! - it's moving! What is that, a--"

"--coconut. Oh, and it's... it's... okay, I think we need to find another place."

Caddy leapt up from the Laundry Pile. "Anywhere, yes."

The agents left HQ's laundry room as quickly as they had come, leaving a trail of glitter,coconut milk, and mildew behind.