Author: SeaTurtle
The Safe Zone
Day 1 log:

I've managed to pile a few crates of Bleeprin together to barricade myself in this storeroom. I think I have enough food and throwable shiny objects to wait out whatever is going on here. How convenient.

Everyone seems to be going mad, all jumping on each other and the like. There are sounds coming from somewhere nearby that are nothing short of worrying, and they seem to be getting closer. The others haven't noticed me so far but I think it's only a matter of time before they stumble upon me. I found a Neuralyzer on the way here but it's running low on batteries. I still might be able to squeeze out two or three uses in case I'm discovered.

I have a small plastic spoon in my possession which I am using to dig a tunnel leading outside. It's kind of hard to dig though hardwood but I'm not giving up yet: I've managed to make a scratch in the floor.

No sign of any non-shippers yet. Still have hope of coming out of this without being kissed.
Day 2 log:

Completed work on barricade around the door today, managed to fortify the entire thing with a tall triple layered wall. Removed crates blocking the door and built a crude trap above it as to detain anyone who might walk into this storeroom.

Heard some non-shipping related sounds in the vicinity. Risked a exploratory reconnaissance run in the hallway just outside room. Thought I saw a non-shipper run by, but I'm not sure about that. No point in risking myself any further, decided to retreat back to storeroom and reset the traps.

Exit tunnel is widening. I can now fit a toothpick in the crack I've made in the floor. I know this because I now can't get the toothpick out.

Now suspecting that I've somehow managed to enter the Shipverse by accident. I need access to a Remote Activator or a Console unit to get out of here. I've already found a Neuralyzer, so maybe I'll get lucky and find a functioning RA.

... I've just tempted the Ironic Overpower, haven't I?