Author: Bronwyn
The Plat with No Shame

Plat strode through the halls of the PPC, for what felt like an age. Peering through the empty corridors, he felt a rushing a dread- and not just in his loins.

Suddenly, he heard it. A collective disappointed sigh and rolling over. Running like mad, he finally found it: The Cafeteria. Pushing the door open with the care of a raging rhino, and Plat gasped with horror.

What Plat saw, made him feel a deep lingering burst of sympathy. The Cafeteria was packed to the brim with naked boarders strewn left and right, and yet, they all sort of looked... mildly downtrodden.

They were staring at each other (and Plat) with a look of enthusiasm, but ultimately confusion and utter awkwardness about the whole copulating business. Orgies tend to lose steam when no one knows exactly what goes where, but knows vaguely that the things between legs are important in this copulating business.

The room was silent. Dead Silent as Plat entered.

A moment of self-conciousness washed over Plat with everyone staring at him and his perfectly muscled body. And then the self-conciousness was taken out back with a bazooka by his raging man hormones.

"WHO DID THIS TO YOU?" Plat roared, echoing fiercely in the large open space. "WHO DID THIS TO YOU, THIS... THIS SEXLEXIA."

He waited for a moment in silence, before the door he just entered through, creaked open.

"Oh you~ Ever the hero, aren't you~?" A low feminine voice crooned, the sound of remarkably high heels tapping out an impatient pattern on the floor. The boarders cowered, as Plat turned to look at the woman in the doorway.

July grinned wickedly, dressed in naught but a rather impressive black corset, black leather heeled boots, and a fabulous tophat. She tugged on the leash in her hand, pulling a group of cowed boarders into the room- Plat instantly recognizing Caddy, HerrWozzeck, and Makari on the line.

"YOU FIEND!" Plat shouted, and everyone, save July and Plat, cowered and pulled away from the pair. "How could you do this, July? This is madness!"

"No dear, this is politics~" She cracks the whip to her side, making the entire room flinch.

Plat adjusted his sombrero and scowled at the black vixen (not to be confused with the mage one).

To be... finished in "The Good, The Bad, and the Plat."