Author: VixenMage
"Wow," Data remarked, leaning back in his seat. "This train is downright empty, this late at night."

"I know," Maslab replied, glancing away from the window. He immediately blushed. "Oh... er, Data, your... your kilt..."

He looked up from his comic hoard, twinkling innocently. "Hmm?"

Maslab coughed, and looked in the opposite direction. "Your kilt is... er, well, your legs are..."

Data grinned, and glanced down. "Oh, is it? Now, how did that happen? It certainly wasn't windy today."

Still blushing, Maslab shook his head. "No. No, it was not. I... I didn't know you went Scotsman..."

The train screeched to a halt, and Data stood up. "Now you do! And, better yet, you know why. But I still have pressing questions!"

Maslab followed him off the train, towards the hotel. "Such as?"

"What is under that trenchcoat of yours, hmmm?"