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Greetings, everyone. I am Cyber-Observer, creator and distorter, a world and a watcher of worlds. Bow to me! BU-WA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! Oh, I kid, I kid. It's not compulsory, but you can bet I'd enjoy it.

Anyway, I already have the first few chapters of my Mysterious Somebody story finished, and I'm going to post it here once I get this user profile up and running. I'm actually surprised that more people don't write about that guy. He was kind of a big deal!

More stories to come later after I finish that one. Maybe. No promises.
When the Mysterious Somebody returns from death, he has only one plan in mind for the PPC. Not destruction, not conquest. Those are too overdone. They'd probably never work, anyway, since he's a ghost and all. No, he plans to ruin their endeavors for the day in any way possible! Watch the menace unfold! Watch the Mysterious Somebody's triumphant return! And of course, read and review.