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Internet Culture PPC Love Through Tragedy (Through Torture!)
Author: xx_PPCpRiNcEsSgUrL_xx
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - Romance/Angst - Reviews: 13 - Published: 15-07-06 - Updated: 11-07-07 - In Progress

AN: Tehis is mah first storrie, so be nice!!!1 or you're a meanie-poo!!!!!!1 I dun own the PPC (but I wish I did!) but I do own Suicide!!!!1 *huggles Suicide* j/k I no he belongs to that Pressfield guy but I've only read his PPC missions!!! so I no he's hawtt!! hahahahahaha LOL I ownly own my character ?cause she's my OC but SHES NOT A MARY-SUE!!!!! SO STOP SAYING SHE'S A MARY-SUE CAUSE THIS STORRY TAKES PLACE IN THE PPC AND THERE ARENT ANY SUES THERE!!!!!!!!!1okay dun flame, ?cause if you do ur a MEANIE!!! okay I might do longer chappies if you give me lots of reviews! *puppy dog eyes* okay? okay here's mah story!! PLZ R&R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Through Tragedy Through Torture

Chappie 1

The day dawned bright and shining, like the tears in Meretrix's eyes. (A/N: okay this is my OC and I got her name out of my latin dicshunary and I dun kno what it means but it sounds pretty! ok bak to the storrry!!! LOLOMGROFFLE!!!) She was crying in her room at the PPC and she was an Assassin there. Meretrix Sasha Alabama Divinia Gloria Jewel Ontario Putain Winter Sunshine-Spitowski killed Mary-Sues cause they were evil, but she never got a partner (even though all the agents got partners) because she was too insignificant to attract the attention of the SO. Nevertheless, that didn't stop the other Assassins from picking on her. She was their favorite play-toy and they liked to beat her and call her bad names. And they would make fun of her name even though it was real Latin from Rome. Makes-Things was the worst, he always beat her up, and she wouldn't try to stop him because she knew her MAD ASZASZINZ ZKILLS would break his bones if she used them on him. Makes-Things wasn't even an Agent, he was just a maker of things, and all the other agents hated him, but they hated Meretrix more. That's why Meretrix was crying, because last night Makes-Things had crept into her room and tried to rape her because she was so beautiful. Meretrix had long, gorgeous wavy red-auburn hair the color of an autumn sunset. Her eyes were a deep blue cerulean, the color of the ocean when it meets the sky. And her skin was like flawless alabaster (A/N: I dun know what "alabaster" is but it sounds pretty!) and it never tanned. That's why the Agents all hated her because she was sooooo pretty. But when Makes-Things came into her room she was so terrified she couldn't do anything. But Makes-Things was too afraid that he might be heard. But he promised in an evil voice that he would come that night and do all sorts of unspeakable things to her. So Meretrix decided that she would kill herself that day. She just couldn't take the abuse!

But first Meretrix had to find a room to kill herself in, because she had just spent hours and hours painstakingly cleaning her room and she couldn't stand to get it dirty, what with her slashed wrists and all. She had to clean her room every day because that was where she cut herself (A/N: she cuts herself cuz shes DEPRESSED) and also she had to clean it every day because she was Obsessive-Compulsive (A/N: SEE SHE'S NOT PERFECT HA HA HA!!!!) and she had to keep it clean. So she was wandering through the halls trying to find a place to kill herself when she heard quiet sobbing! (A/N: OMGWTFBBQ what could it BE???!?!?) She opened a door and there she found...

A/N: I KNOW!!! im so EVIL!!!!!!!!!1 Hahahahahahaaa muahahahahaa im sorry about the cliffie (short for cliffhanger) but now you have to review or I wont update! !!!! !! !11111 Hahahahahahahahahahaaa!!!

Suicide: Oh noes! ! !

Thatsright I have Suicide right here and I will keep him here until you review!!! *evil* Or maybe not............ hahahahahaa you'll have to review!!!

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