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Internet Culture PPC Mirai Trunks Finds True Love!
Author: VegetaFangurl4EVA!
Fiction Rated: G - English - Romance - Reviews: 0 - Published: 13-07-07 - Updated: 13-07-07 - Complete


Georgia checked the console for their new mission. She skimmed the summary and started to read the first few paragraphs before comprehension dawned. Then the horror came. "Ano, Tenki-chan? Dare o mite. "

Kumori looked up from her push ups, "English, Georgia. And look at what?"

"Our new mission. It... Involves you."

Kumori blinked and walked over to examine the fanfic in question.


Mirai Trunks Finds Tru Leov!

One day Kumori was sitting in her response center and she was really bored. She was bored because hse was all alone and had none to hang out with. She was so bored that she opened a portal. "Nboody loves me" she said sadley "so no one will msss me if I go somwwere ekse." Snd so she went somewhere else.

Kumori went to the world of DBZ!!!! It was during the andriod saga to mirai trunks was there and he was really hott. His purple hair was nice and long but he wassad. He was sad because his dad didn't love him because he didn't want to kill his mom. So he was sad and he wanted someone to comfrt him. Kumori saw him looking sad and came up to him. she put her arm around him.

"There there, Trunks-kun," she said his name in Japanese because it's a cool language even when it's not being used correctly or in proper con text. "I'm in love with you."

Trunks stared into her eyes, they were green. "Okay, but who are you?."

"I'm kumori Tenki. But you can call me Mori-chan."

and Trunks was happy and they were in loveand they were married and Kumori forgot all about the PPC becase she was so happy she couldn't bare to hurt anyneo ever again.

And they lived happyily ever after. The End.


"Well, at least they have a sense humor. Right, Mori-chan?" Georgia teased nervously.

"Yes." Kumori muttered as the chair she had originally been gripping lightly began to get imprints of her hands.

"Um... So, how are we going to kill it? Should we go in as humans or something else? Um..." Georgia slowly started to back away from her partner as she started to give off a deadly aura.

"What was the author's name?"


"Then put a call through to Miss Anna," Kumori grinned evilly, "I think we're going to find a new student for her class. Let see if she can get Mirai Trunks to pick her up with me. I've always gotten along with that kid."

"Of course, Mori-chan," Georgia quickly agreed.

"And Georgia?"


"Never call me Mori-chan."

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