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Hello! My names VegetaFangurl4EVA! LOL! Well, actually that's not my real name but i'm not telli g you my real name because my parents would toatally kill me. XD

My favouite animes are Dragonball Z, Fruits Basket and Saiyuki!! Sanzo is soooooo hott! I also love VEGETA as if you couldn't tell from my name! Heheheehe!

Ive been writing fanfics for like ages and lots of peeps seem to like them. You people all rock! Except for flamers coz they suck and are just meen. If you don't like a sotry you shouldnt read it not tell the author about all the speeeling mistakes they made and how Vegeta's married! HELLO! AU PEOPLE!

I also have a muse called Chibi Vegeta! He's Vegeta only chiibi! Isn't he cute?

Chibi V: Lol, Fangurl they wanna here about other stuff not about me!

aw, but your so cute!

Anyway, pleese read my fanfics. *makes puppy eyes* Read adn review~!
One day Jason wonders the hall and wonders why nobodie sees him. Thn he meats some1 who does. Georgia/Jason [G | Romance/Angst]
Kumori Tenki feels lonely but will she find a cure in the arms of the saiviour of the futur? [G | Romance]