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Author: Ellintiyra Lloysinthayr
Fiction Rated: PG - English - Action - Reviews: 8 - Published: 01-07-08 - Updated: 03-07-08 - Complete

So yeah I heard about the marcovirus invasion in March and I herad abotu MakesThings being killed by tehm. and I thought tht was reallu really sad cos he was a niec guy and nobody ever payed much attentoin to him. SO I thouht abuot what would have hapened if some1 had saved hime bfore the marcrovirus (whateverthat is) got him.

Chap 1

MakesThings was in his workshop fixingthings as usual and he wasjust working one a Cad when he got a mesage from teh Sonflower Offical. So he wnet to check it. It saidn “there has been a marcaovvirus invasion and you need to makes Tardisses for all of teh Agnets so they will hvae somwher to live cos hQ will be dagnerous”.

So MakesThigs calledn TechnoDann and they began to build Tardisses for every1. Then TechnoDann had to go adn build somwher for teh ohter ppl in the Deppartmnet adn MakesThings was all alone and building the Tardises. He was soo busy working taht he didn;t notice that a marcoviruss was comign towrads him… but soemone els e did.

Tehre was a gunshiot and MakesThigns turned round quiickly. It was an Agetn fromm the Dpeartment of MarySUes (A/N he ciould tell byt the badge she wore I forgot what its caled lol) adn she said tohim “yu need to be mor carful tehy are getin everywhrer”. He juts looked atthe dead macrdovirus and he said nto the Agnet “you saved my life thank you asoo much”. Then he said “what is your naem”? and she said “I amd Melody Windfire Breeze but just cal me Mel and I was a Sue but now Im and Agent for Teh PpC”.

He smile d cos he thouht she was pretty but not liek an real Sue cos she was al dirty (A/N adn Sues dont get dirty) but thehn he looke dbehind her and shoutded “lookout theres another oen”! She turnde round and treid to shot it but it was to close so MakesThinsg grabed a gun of the bench and shot…

A/N: OMG whats goingn to hapen to them? Well plz R&R adn I’ll get the next chapter out quickr cos reveiws make me want to work!

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