Ellintiyra Lloysinthayr
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Hi my name is Ellintyra Llyosinthayr but u can cal me Elli! I have shiney long blonde hair adn big blue eyes and I LUV romance! My faverite fandom evar is teh PPc an i liek Jacacia best of all but i like lots of other peple too! mi storyis on fanficLand wer all about romanse so maybe ill rite some on here too!

I'm 19 and I luv the PPC like loads! I red all the storys like Jay na Acacia's ones and teh ones with Daffydd in cuz there's lots of them nad they do all kind s of kool stuff and can swordfigth and thigns like that (I wish I ciuld swordfight....*sighj*).

Anywaay yeah I might not rite much but I read loads so I'l reviwe othr ppl's storys lots. If I wrte anythig pleas reveiw and i'lk deffo do nthe same for you! ALl my freinds say I'm a rlly good writuer when I do stuff so Im ight put some stuff up here.
Kelvin is lonely because he wants to find his one True love but he has to hide his real preferrences but could one person from StarWars change all that? [R | Action/Romance]
This is my firts stroy Im putting up so plz be nice cos I don't like flames the make me sad! [PG | Action]