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Author: Ellintiyra Lloysinthayr
Fiction Rated: PG - English - Action - Reviews: 8 - Published: 01-07-08 - Updated: 03-07-08 - Complete

Tahnks for al the lovely reveiws! brandywine_baby89 u guesed rite tehre is sum romance this chappie is for u for guessin!

Teh marcrovirus eploded and Mel loked gratfuly at MakesThings and said “thanku your a raly good shot”. He loked embarasd adn tehn she sed “we need to get ot befor mor of them come and try to kil us”! He was realy scraed of the monstres but he was tryijn to be brave cos Mel didtn look scared (A/N but she was) and he sed “I ned to mak mor Tarddises for every1 cos they need to have somwhere to liv”.
Mel noded and sed “ill help u but we ned to be somwher safe or well be kiled” and then she took out a portall-maker thing (A/N does ne1 no what tehy r caled?) and opend a portl to teh PPc city and sed “we cn make tehm here adn taek them to the agetns”.

MakesThigns sed “tahst a gud idea” aadn he wetn throuh the prtal and into the city and Mel folowed him. Teh ppl form his dpeartment like TechnoDan and Tess adn ppl from othe places came adn helpd them buidl mor Tardisses adn took ethme to teh agens who wer stuck instorys.

Mel adn makesThings stayed together in the city and got to be very clos. And thye fel in love adn desided that they watned to live to gether forever. Mel sed “I will aks the sO if I cn mov departmnets so I can b with u cos i love u so much”. MkaesThings sed “but wahts bout yor job u lov ur work”? Mel sed “I no but I wuld rathr b wiht u and I can help u better tihs way”. Then MakesThings kissd her and hedl her and sed “I love u soo much Mel” adn she hold him and sed “I love you too”.

Juts then they got a mesage form the Subrosa (A/N I think thahts how u spel it) sayin taht MarySues ahd got into HQ! adn everyon had 2 come bakc adn help fihgt them. They were worreid cos tehy thougt it woudl be very danegrous. Mel sed “I hav togo its my duty” adn then Makesthings sed “I will com too and help I don't want u to go alon”. She sed “ok but pleas be carful u r not traind like me” and he replyed “i will i love u”. He opend a portan adn they wnet throuh into HQ ready to fighty the MarySues…

Hehehe cliffie agen! If u r nyc and giv gud reveiws u get a new chappie quicker!

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