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Internet Culture PPC Forsaken By The Sun
Author: XxLuminescent-TearsxX
Fiction Rated: G - English - Angst/Romance - Reviews: 7 - Published: 01-07-08 - Updated: 10-07-09 -Complete

Chapter One
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She hated Them. The Sues. Their cheer made mockery of her sadness, the way they walked amid the Great pained her, for they could never truly appreciate it as She did. So happy. They were. Yes, so happy, unknowing of the cold anguish that seizes the soul after one has lived age upon age in the Darkness, alone at heart no matter how many forms pass by upon the physical plane, people seeming like insubstantial wisps, for they lived so short a time and cared so little for Her that they could never truly seem real to Her. And so she did the Duty set out for Her, and took the lives of Sues, bitterly hating them. They could see Canon outside of the velvet Darkness of the Night, where She could only ever walk by Midnight, forced to flee each Canon before the Sun could rise and end her Life, if it could truly be called a life when all around her was so meaningless. Their Shallow mockery of Happiness ended as her knife slid whispersoft into their bodies, their blood falling gently all around her like the tears she so bravely fought to keep from spilling.
There was no Sunlight in HQ. No Ending to her life that it might Dawn and catch her unawares. Thus her pearly white skin, of Haunting opalescent sheen, was never Graced by Daylight in one Final Embrace that would light her up Translucent and Ethereal before she would disolve into Mists of Ephemera, her ancient Soul gone Forever. Instead her Raven hair, long and silken and flowing like a River around her slender body, blended with the Night, dark her Hair, dark the worlds around her...dark her Heart. Eyes of Silver like shining precious Crystals shone amid the bleakness, as though She wore bright Stars for eyes and held within them all the Agony and Torment of all that has ever lived.
She wore the Uniform of the PPC, plain and Black, and did not care, for compared to the Sorrow in her Heart, a mere artice of Clothing was as Nothing to Her. And so, lost within her Greif, she was Unseeing of the way others Eyes follwed Her, their Dreams of her and the way Her slender yet voluptuous curves lay within the rough fabric, at once outlines and temptingly covered over by it's dark cover of much of Her body, in a way that seemed to invite any Man to seek to discover the Mysteries hidden yet hinted at by her Clothing.
Yet She dared not engage in Dalliance with them. She was a Vampyre, and her Cold marbleesque Skin would startle them if they were to touch it, expecting the warmth of human flesh. Soft, soft and smooth as silk, yet cold as Stone and unyielding to the touch. Their Blood ran too hot for Her and so She dared not embrace them, lest Temptation overtake her and drive her to tear their lives from them in the Sweet Pain of one final touch in which her Ivory fangs would drain their Life's Essence away and let them sink into the Darkness of Death, encircled by Her fair yet cold arms. She Shunned them therefore in order to let them keep their Lives, blessed by a Mortal span in which they would not outlive their time and leave all that they had Loved behind, as She had.
Alone, always alone. Her father, Her mother, dead, their voices now no more than Echoes in Her memory. Her sisters cruelly stolen, and slain before Her eyes when She had sought to save them. Her friends, long since dead of old age, having so Harshly turned their backs on her when they discovered what She had become. Of all the things to miss, even the loyal hound of the family. It had turned on Her, as all Animals now did, and she had been forced to kill it before the eyes of her Family, revealing strength beyond that of a Mortal, causing them to Forsake her. She missed the Trust and sweetness of mute Creatures, that loved her no more and avoided one they Sensed bore a Life that was not Natural. The first such Creature she recalled had been no more than a goldfish. Merely a fish, when She was but a Child. It had Died, and She had known the Endings of Lives for the first time. All things Die, her Parents had explained to her and She had been afraid, afraid of Her dying, of their Dying, of losing and others. If only it had been True. If only, like the Fish that had been Swimming one day and buried the next, She could have known true Death. Instead She was left behind as as all else faded and all Others died.
She, She who was Ellerianniel Darkrose, Raven Lady of Sorrow...She was alone. Could there ever be any Other who would not Die, would not leave Her? Was there such a One? Far away...or closer than She might imagine? /\/\/\/\/\/\/\ A/N: I hope you have enjoyed this Tale so far, I will Update soon and reveal what is to come at that point. If you have liked it, please Review.

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