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Internet Culture PPC cerrin trip and anselas luv stroi
Author: kawaiiichisgurl4eva
Fiction Rated: R - English - Romance - Reviews: 7 - Published: 01-07-08 - Updated: 03-07-08 - Complete

hi gaiz this is kawaiiichisgurl4eva and tihs is mai furts stroi eva and i hopez u al liek it bcuz its abut trip and ansela and cerrin and thier luv 4 eahc otha.

kawaiiichisgurl4eva kawaiiichisgurl4eva kawaiiichisgurl4eva kawaiiichisgurl4eva

cerrin skiped hapily dow the coridor of ppC hQ, singoing a cherful chune as she thoought of her wonderfool, strang, brav bf, trippy-chan. she fliped her waste-lenght ruby hair away form her flawles tanzanite (a/n i copyies that from wikepeda coz it sunded sugoi and its a pale blue stone like lilac and looks realy sugoi and kawaii) blue orbs adn similed at a pasing agnet. her bishie trip wuld be wating 4 here in hiz rc, whitch waz totaly rc1 bcuz he was teh best agnet eva, and seh waz teh 2nd bets agnet eva so she has rc#2, butt it wos al teh wai ova at teh ova sied of hQ bcuz teh flours wer mean and didnt want tehm to b 2gethr. shed ben wit trip 4 almots a yer now and tehy luvved eahc otha verie muhc adn trip has even sad taht he watned 2 mary her.

seh wakled in2 trippy-kuns rc to spake to him bcuz seh didnt ned to nok bcuz seh were his gf adn alowed 2 go anywere in his rc but seh herd sunds form teh bedrom so she went ova 2 it 2 se waht tirp was doin bcuz mayb he has a surprez 4 her. seh opined teh dor 2 se waht he were dong and saw tirp lies on teh bet wiht anslea beneth him moaning like 'trip put that thursting rode of manmeet in me' and trip siad 'yeh anseal ur so gud' and tehn ansela and trip scremed and tehn cering scremaed bcuz her trippy-sama was cheting on her wiht her bets frend and seh was sufring form a broked hart.

seh run out of teh rc adn ansel rune atfer her but anlesa waz nekkid so she had to ran awai form lux what was alos in teh coridor and was now a hermadite (a/n you know one of thise tihngs taht has manbits and women bits i firget waht their caled) bcuz of a lap acidant and was rapping evry1 woh seh saw bcuz seh watned to pas on her cruse.

sevral hurs latter cerin cam bakc to her trippy-donos rc whitch now said 'trip and asnelas rc' on teh dore and seh went in2 it wiht a macine gun thingie taht she got from the palce were u get gusn fom (a/n what r thise palces caled agan bcuz i forgot) and seh puled teh triger thingie and bulets wetn everywere and trip aksed 'waht r u doin' and cerin went 'u cheted on mai so i kil u and anslea' and tirp was his by a bulet and so was cerin and ansela.

tehn the dore opined again bcuz sum1 herd teh buletfier adn cam to se waht was gong on and tehy caled medical to cum sotr evrtihng out adn maek evrytihng beter agin.

kawaiiichisgurl4eva kawaiiichisgurl4eva kawaiiichisgurl4eva kawaiiichisgurl4eva

omg isnt this teh best ficcie eva waht wil hapen to cerrine and asnela and trip and wil tehy al be okai and wil they eva sotr out who is trip-kois gf.

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